See You at Mao

See You at Mao

Filmed in the UK in 1969, this documentary by Godard and the Dziga Vertov Group represents an analysis of production and the status of women in capitalist society and a speculation about ...

Jean-Luc Godard made the hour-long 1969 experimental documentary British Sounds also known as See You at Mao for London Weekend TV in 1969. In the opening scene, a ten minute long tracking shot along a Ford factory floor, a narrator reads from The Communist Manifesto. This is followed by a woman wandering around her house naked while a narrator reads a feminist-tinged text, a news commentator reading a pro-capitalist rant that is repeatedly and abruptly cut off to show workers that contradict his statements, and a group of young activists preparing protest banners while transposing communist propaganda to Beatles songs ("You say Nixon/I say Mao" to "Hello Goodbye"). It closes with a fist repeatedly punching through a British flag. It's a bold and assaultive socialist screed made during the director's most divisive political period and was banned from television. Of note are the director's experiments juxtaposing image, text, and sound. ( . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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