Seedan (Tamil: சீடன்) (English: Disciple) is a 2011 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by Subramaniya Shiva. The film stars newcomer Unni Mukundan and Ananya of Naadodigal fame in the lead and features Dhanush in an extended guest appearance, while Suhasini, Sheela and Vivek appear in supporting roles. The film, a remake of the 2002 Malayalam hit film, Nandanam, released on 25 February 2011 to mixed reviews. The whole film is shot inside a palacial set created by art director Jacki. The whole house including the exterior and interior was built in Prasad Studios. After more than a few decades a full traditional house set is made for a Tamil film.

The story of a young man who his mother arranges his futures wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael S (it) wrote: A bit tacky, but enjoyable anyway

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Joanna B (ag) wrote: Sometimes when reviewing a film, its best to let the synopsis explain itself and when you have friends like these, who needs enemies?When English lad David (Xavier Samuel) returns home from a six month trip abroad and announces to his three hapless London roommates that he is marrying his holiday romance Mia (Laura Brent) their reaction is less than enthused. The silver lining to David's proposal is his brilliant idea to travel to his betrotheds homeland of Australia on the eve of the pending nuptials. Although feeling rather abandoned by their orphaned friend David, the resolutely single Tom (Kris Marshall), socially inept Graham (Kevin Bishop) and broken hearted Luke (Tim Draxl) loyally make the 10 and a half thousand mile trek with up-teen stopovers. Once arriving on Australian soil, the boys split up and leave David to head off with Mia to her families federation-style estate overlooking the beautiful Blue Mountains. Greeted by her uptight emotional mother Barbara (Olivia Newton-John), her cubby fake-lesbian sister Daphne (Rebel Wilson), her forcefully ambitious senator father Jim Ramme (Johnathan Biggins) and his prize winning ram, Ramsey the magnificent; David becomes worried he may be in over his head.But as Tom, Graham and Luke finally arrive; but only after making a pit-stop to semi-naked drug-dealer, Ray (Steve Le Marquand) to score a little pot for the Bachelor party, David's fears are ebbed. However, waking on the big day, David's world begins to descend into chaos. Ramsey is loose in his room, covered in make-up and wearing bra and panties, Graham is stuck in a gimp mask with a suitcase is full of drugs and Luke is threatening to commit suicide after once again speaking to his estranged girlfriend back in England who dumped him for a guy missing a vital part of the male anatomy.Best-man Tom comes to the rescue, promising to get everything sorted out and David should just worry about his vows; however things continue to go from bad to down-right dreadful. With his friends forcefully teaching him the true meaning of the phrase "for better or worse"; Can this really be the happiest day of David's life or the most painful?In similar vein to The Hangover, Director Stephan Elliott's (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) A Few Best Men is a wacky and crass madcap boy's comedy jammed with humours mishaps ranging from the outrageous to the down-right ridiculous. A wonderfully crafted script from Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral), this risqu and wild tale of a destination wedding gone horribly wrong simply explodes with pungently Australian visuals. From runaway floral arrangement to cocaine-filled condoms unwittingly swallowed by a sheep, the stella cast's energy is contagious and so is the cheeky rather than sordid laughs. The Verdict: Striking balance between British and Australian humour, culture clash and bro-mance, this hilarious and riotously rude comedy proves the theory that although we may hold hope 'Holiday romances are meant to end at the airport, not the altar'. A corker of a feel-good and feel-grossed out film, this movie is guaranteed to get you laughing. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 03/02/2012

Melanie B (jp) wrote: I like Taryn Manning a lot and she's really cute in this movie.

Monkichi (au) wrote: INSANE, SIMPLE + FUNNY AND ATTRACTIVE BOYS SYN. SWIMMING. The first and last show is so impressive ^_^. Of cuz never miss the young Satoshi Tsumabuki. ^_^

Mike N (kr) wrote: i thought this movie was really good,sweet,and had good underlying meanings. Even if this particular story might not happen in real life a lot of people who are in love take care of each other even if the person was born with a disability or a disability occurs later in life.

Liam W (ru) wrote: Right up in my top ten movies of all time. A must see for all who enjoy stupidity.

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