Seeing Other People

Seeing Other People

Two months shy of their wedding, a couple decide to allow each other last flings until their wedding.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   police,   boy,  

Two months shy of their wedding, a couple decide to allow each other last flings until their wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seeing Other People torrent reviews

Jason P (fr) wrote: John Cuzack is great in this but the movie is just ok.

Richard Z (kr) wrote: Franco's performance as a scared, reflective adventurer hits viewers right in the heart, even if the material lacks a compelling plot.

emily h (au) wrote: Not had....I was a little confused at times but not too bad

Larry W (au) wrote: When I think of "Marvel Formula" outside of Marvel Studios this film comes to mind.

Janetta B (ru) wrote: In the genre of stupid spoofs, this one takes the cake....

Khurram S (gb) wrote: hi this is my first entry

Mr 1 (gb) wrote: Surprisingly good movie.

Jesse B (us) wrote: I was completely blown away by this film. Australians seem to think that their films are not very good but I have enjoyed a number of them. The Tracker does for the Aborigines what Inglorious Bastards did for the Jewish people, it let them get revenge. The characters are not named aside from The Tracker, The Fugitive, The Fanatic, etc. and the dark western theme feels like it is a neo Coen Bros. film. The violence is covered by shots of cave paintings and murals but the viewer understands the horror of the nonsensical violence that occurs. The paintings suggest that the violence is a part of history or recorded in some way. Netflix this one NOW!

Chris (gb) wrote: One of Peckinpah's best and most underrated.

Mike C (jp) wrote: This sci-fi horror thriller from 1972 is not only a bad movie but it's almost a hilarious comedy in just how bad it truly is! A racist White Transplant Surgeon has his head put on the body of a black prisoner in this hokey over the top movie. Great to watch with friends and make fun of!

Valerie L (es) wrote: So much hype. I wasn't impressed. At. All.

Annabel L (nl) wrote: Not the greatest animated movie ever, but definitely not the worst. The visuals are just okay, there's two cheesy songs, but there's a good moral and the kids are sure to love it.

Brett A (ru) wrote: I hate to say it, but I laugh out loud every time I see this movie....

Dann M (kr) wrote: Unbelievably stupid, Accidental Love is an absurd piece of political satire. Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, and Catherine Keener star in this ridiculous tale of a woman who seeks out her congressman in order to pass an emergency health care bill after she is impaled in the head by a nail gun and lacks the insurance needed to get the nail removed. The politics are incredibly heavy handed and undercuts the comedy. And the performances are just awful. A crazy mess, Accidental Love is a poorly made film that's over stuffed with lame characters and bad jokes.

Morgan K (ca) wrote: Couldn't really get into it, too campy to take itself serious, then again, it is a cartoon.