Ajay Kumar (Warsi) is the newly appointed, honest SSP of Lucknow police. Of his family only his mother (Mulay) remains, and she inspires and motivates him to do the right thing. Ajay tries to crack down on the UP mafia, but more often than not is betrayed by information-leaking local police officials. His boss tries to aid him by shielding him from political pressures, and by getting sanction for

Ajay Kumar the newly appointed, honest SSP of Lucknow police cracks down on the nefarious cop-mafia nexus in Uttar Pradesh, but finds a cunning and ruthless adversary in Gajraj. Can Ajay win this unjust war ? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (es) wrote: Texas Killing Fields is a movie that should have been a TV series instead. There is way too much going on here for a simple two hour movie, leaving things confusing and unsettled. Based on a true story, Texas Killing Fields tells the story of an area outside of Texas City known as the highway to hell. Since 1970, more than 60 bodies have been found dumped in this desolate area and most of the crimes have never been solved. This film follows the arrival of a New York City Homicide Detective, who has moved to the area and starts investigating a recent series of crimes. If this film had stuck to the story, it would have been terrific, because there was a lot to work with. Instead, the film jumps between three different crimes, in two different jurisdictions, which leaves a team of detectives separated and working on their own things. There is absolutely no background story on the detectives, the victims, the suspects, or the fields, and when the cops are talking to people, it feels like you've missed a whole lot of background information. Everyone knows everyone in these small towns, but the writers seem to have forgotten that we don't know anyone and were left extremely confused. There are a dozen suspect and a new victim every half hour. With each cop working on his own, we are thrown back and fourth to the point where the film becomes unwatchable. Avatar's Sam Worthington stars and as with that film, he's really nothing special. The guy is an interesting side character at best, but definitely not ready to be starring his own film. His partner is played by Jeffery Morgan, who eerily looks like he could be Javier Bardem's twin. Morgan was somewhat better than Worthington, but again the performance was uneven and hard to judge, because it was simply impossible to keep up with what was going on. Texas Killing Fields had a real life story to play on, but too many good ideas for it's own good. The producers try to pack in as much as they could into 105 minutes, which wasn't enough time to tell the story, and left the audience scratching it's heads.

Sufian A (au) wrote: too religious plot for my liking..

Jade L (es) wrote: Another excellent epic movie, this time from Bollywood! Love the costumes and the sets, and the chemistry between Hrithik and Aishwarya is palpable.

Sarah B (nl) wrote: the worst use of goddamn i have ever see, pretty funny, and to think this was based on a book... wow.

Huynh T (br) wrote: The single shot sequence in the prowling scene in the beginning is a composite, but it's so seamlessly done that it works. When I saw the trailers for this movie I dismissed it as uninteresting because the movie's premise [a burglary] wasn't harrowing enough to be appealing. I'm very glad that I watched the movie anyway on DVD since it was surprisingly sophisticated technologically [the CGI elements are rampant throughout the movie but they're so well-blended and they make the camera movements fascinating]. A lot of people mess up CGI-faked camera pans and zooms, but Fincher could open a school on it.

Jose V (us) wrote: A very good Canadian movie.

Heist (it) wrote: Just ratings. Or almost.Tromeo was almost a real movie. Run Lola Run cheated as a movie. Zodiac and 300 were super-fine. Flags of Our Fathers was too long.

Corey n (mx) wrote: This is a odd but interesting movie. Basically a love story and drama mixed all into one. The movie is about a women and man who find common ground and attraction when it comes to writing Japanese text that are poems on their body. There is a little bit more to it than that but that is the basic plot. This film gets a NC-17 rating due to the nudity but it never plays like a B movie or porn. The film plays on many visual styles that makes it work. Ewan McGregor and Vivian Wu are very good in their roles. The story is a bit odd so this may turn people away from the film. Worth a one time watch.

Magda G (kr) wrote: long time ago with Luis Miguel's song haha...

Javier A (kr) wrote: excellent great performance & best fit for Edward J. Olmos

Greg W (mx) wrote: nick ray's directorial review and one of the first attempts at a fluid moving camera with arial shots of the cars now commonplace but unusual back then also contains a gr8 song 'your red wagon".

Edin S (kr) wrote: Moj prvi dugometrazni nijemi film. Fantasticno! Odusevljen! Cijenim kinematografiju jos vise!

Martin S (mx) wrote: Freeman as magical as ever in a thriller that feels more like a 1995, 1996 story, maybe.

Ben S (nl) wrote: rita hayworth... damn gurl