Self Storage

Self Storage

Jake is the overnight security guard at a highly-secured Self Storage facility in rural Rhode Island. When his friend's party plans fall through, he invites them to his job site to throw a fiesta of his own. There couldn't be a better location: removed, no people, nothing but party... right? Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of fun into an evening of horror. We soon learn that some things were meant to stay under lock and key and certain places were supposed to be left undisturbed. The kids aren't the only ones at the self storage facility who are looking for a night of fun.

The friends of a night watchman, at a highly secured self storage facility, are home from college and looking to party. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Self Storage torrent reviews

Spencer R (ca) wrote: Wow that was amazing I'm going to be excited

WS W (fr) wrote: The Swedish Forrest Gump.Amusing yet very silly.

Dr A (ag) wrote: So, Matt Spurlock has gotten his following, but that does not mean he's going to make a good documentary every time, especially if he strictly relies on him being on screen as the main character in the piece and focuses little on studying the topic which he's going to confront, in other words this documentary wnt absolutely NOWHERE. Not worth the time.

Laura D (de) wrote: Not loved by the critics, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Bobby L (ag) wrote: Bruce Campbell's baby is great at showing off... Bruce Campbell! As writer/director/star/producer, and the fact that he tried for 15 years to get this made, this is his vision entirely. A last minute rewrite, due to budget restrictions, placed the movie in Bulgaria, instead of LA. This actually helps the story, in my opinion. By setting it in an eastern European nation, it adds a flavor of the original "Frankenstein" story and makes Dr. Ivan Ivanov, a wonderfully off-kilter Stacy Keach, a much more believable figure.Keach, and his dim-witted assistant, Pavel, played with great glee and uncapped energy by Ted Rami (who else?!), are deliriously off beat. The characters and the performances are so far out of the ball park, it is insane.As for the chin himself, he is excellent. He gets the excesses and bastard attitude of pharmaceutical magnate William Cole rather well, with his typical blunt irony, shining through in thoroughly deadpan fashion. Once his brain, and the brain of former KGB, current cabbie Yegor get jammed together, he really owns the movie. Watching Bruce beat himself up, not be able to control his hand, or just hysterically running around will always amuse me, and here, that's what he does.The movie tries so hard to attain B-movie status, with it's madcap insanity, and then spoof the movies it loves. To do so, this plays out, just like a 1950s sci-fi flick, thus, many of the jokes are in the unfolding, watching as the typical 50s tropes are brought to a head, and then magnified. From the constant brain swappings, to the massive forehead scar, to the whys behind Ivanov's work in secret, it's all there, it's all dead on, and it's all funny.As a director, Campbell allows these things to play out nicely, knowing when to end a joke, and how far to take the shady dealings. He gets the tone right, using lots of exaggerated colors, and zany sound effects, as if vaudeville ran smack dab into a cheesy sci-fi, flick. While not as sure-handed as his sophomore effort, this debut is definitely strong and showcases his humor and sensibilities impeccably.

Alysia V (gb) wrote: I've made it a sort of personal mission to see every movie that Adrien Brody has been in which is what led me to this film that I would've otherwise never have heard of nor never have watched. Brody, as always, was the highlight of this film and did a great job in his role. The overall storyline is a good effort to make known the real strife and grief that international individuals have to go through regarding labor and equality. A little slow going at times, but overall a good story. It felt very real, as if I was watching a documentary or someone's personal story. The scene between Maya and her elder sister Rosa where Rosa is so very emotionally confessing everything she did and went through to make and send money to her family left behind in Mexico was extremely powerful and nearly brought me to tears. Extremely raw and heartfelt and was probably the scene of this movie that really "got me" so to speak. Definitely impacting. A low budget film, but that's one of the reasons I like it..and Adrien Brody, for that matter. I like that he's often drawn to these small budget, independent films and doesn't seem to have gotten caught up in the Hollywood glitz & glamour.

Robby R (es) wrote: A druggie movie like no other. No glamorizing or moralizing, just wacky, endearing episodic moments that add up to a character study that is loose and quite poignant.

Nicola O (br) wrote: Strange movie, poor sound quality, don't think I'd bother watching it again.

Logan M (kr) wrote: The most perfect and most iconic spoof comedy ever made.

Chrisanne S (it) wrote: Definitely not as realistic as it could be but more than other films of the time were. Grant sells the picture.

Henry U (ru) wrote: A terrible start to the movie, but in the middle and end its really good

Alexandra N (ca) wrote: An indie slant on Sci Fi. Good pace and story arc, well acted, interesting characters, I liked the exploration of the interplay between faith and science but it was a bit too cerebral to be totally compelling. It feels like this film is making an intellectual point rather than telling a story. Liked it but not as much as 'another earth'.

Sarah H (kr) wrote: interesting movie bad ending

Paul F (it) wrote: Phenomenally captures late 20th century culture while delivering great characters