Sella Turcica

Sella Turcica

A paralyzed soldier returns from war to his family in worse shape than anyone at home could imagine.

A paralyzed soldier returns from war to his family in worse shape than anyone at home could imagine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (us) wrote: good indi hindy pakastani movie

Darren B (ru) wrote: A very dreary movie tackling a heavy subject covering the loss of senses. A well thought out interpretation through film of what the world would be like; how relationships would be like and so forth. Both of the actors did a fantastic job in my opinion. Bottom line: I liked it!

Michael H (ag) wrote: Entertaining. No movie you want to see a second time though.

nettie k (de) wrote: a great movie for kids

Hans S (mx) wrote: this is a movie i laughed and cry with, its so touchy and has a lot of lessons to be sent to those who reason the other way. its just a movie to have at home.

Don S (us) wrote: Horrendously acted low budget serial killer movie. The two lead actresses were terrible - overacting and stumbling over their lines. The story is weak; not given enough information to make heads or tails of it. Head scratcher: why did they make this? To what purpose? Dreadful...

Millo T (mx) wrote: It starts very well (3 stars), but it seems to be making the same joke along one hour, and it loses strength with time.

Jacob M (ag) wrote: PART OF MY CLASSIC VIEWINGS OF 2014 LIST "Oh you must be so bored with me, everytime you come in here, I'm in absolute panic. " Wait Until Dark is a film I had never heard of until quite recently. After enjoying some other thrillers starring Audrey Hepburn, especially Charade, I knew I had to watch this film. And while I was skeptical of the films direction upon first glance (as it was directed by the same guy that directed three James Bond movies; Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Thunderball, great films, but was not picturing Terence Young to direct a suspense thriller), it turns out that Wait Until Dark is not only well-made and well-acted, but it's definitely one of the most entertaining suspense thrillers ever made. Meet Susy Hendrix (Audrey Hepburn), a housewife that's still learning to cope with blindness that was the result of a recent accident. She has a loving but always away husband (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) and has a strong friendship with young neighbor Gloria (Julie Herrod). Things get complicated when criminals, led by the sadistic Roat (Alan Arkin), break into her apartment, going after a missing baby doll that she may or may not have, a doll that the crooks used to smuggle heroin into the country. Alone and with her husband away, Susy has to use her resourcefulness and her knowledge of her small apartment to get out of this situation alive. The film also stars Richard Crenna and Jack Weston as the other crooks and Samantha Jones in a small part as Lisa, the woman who first had the doll. I wasn't sure what I was going to think of Wait Until Dark when the opening credits started rolling. The beginning was a little slow and a little complicated to follow and Audrey Hepburn doesn't even appear until 25 minutes into the picture. But it turns out, the more the film progresses, the more engaging the plot is and the more suspenseful the mystery is. My other fear on this film was that the crooks were going to be these one-dimensional characters who end up raiding the house, the end, good bye. But what makes Wait Until Dark innovative is how the crooks manage to do their plotting. They don't just raid the house, no (and this is a mouthful) they take the nicest talking crook, make him like Hepburn as a friend, gain her confidence in getting him the doll, making the leader pose as two real insane nuts, and using the rough sounding guy posing as the police in order for Hepburn to just give them the doll. And all I have to say about this is... brilliant. An engaging plot like this causes Wait Until Dark to be as psychologically complex and shocking as an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Even more unique about the film is its cinematography. Rather than the average thriller where we're treated to rich, exotic locations and over-the-top action, 98% of the film is set in the apartment, giving the film more of a claustrophobic look, and it works fantastically. My favorite moment camera wise is a shot where Hepburn is upset that the crooks cut her phone line, and the shot featuring stair railings makes her look like she's locked up in some prison cell somewhere. But nothing can be more suspenseful than the 20-minute finale in the dark. I was told that the ending was one of the most frightening, psychologically insane sequences ever, and guess what? I was told well. Also making the film work well are its acting performances. I was skeptical of Alan Arkin playing a sadistic crook, as I'm used to seeing him in goofy, comedic roles, but Arkin surprisingly nails his character. It's probably the best you'll ever see of Arkin, as this is likely the only time he played a role this complex. Another surprising performance is Julie Herrod as the girl Gloria. I thought she would be this obnoxious brat (as her opening scene would suggest), but I applaud the filmmakers for making the character feel more natural in what a child would do in tense situations. But it's Audrey Hepburn who gives the best performance as Susy the blind housewife. In something that was groundbreaking for 1967, we are treated to one, self reliant, independent, and resourceful woman. And Hepburn plays a role unlike any other character she's played, and was deserving of her Best Actress nom. If Henry Mancini did not score Wait Until Dark, I'm not sure if the film would work in the suspense department. It's chilling, it's eerie, and the odd-sounding chords are just downright creepy! It's safe to say that this is one of Mancini's best scores, along with The Pink Panther, The Great Race, and Charade. Wait Until Dark does what a great suspense thriller should do. It's highly entertaining, the performances are outstanding, the score is chilling, and the filming techniques are the most innovative I've seen in the world of suspense thrillers, creating the psychological, claustrophobic look that sums up the greatness of the film as a whole. If Charade is considered the greatest Hitchcock film that Hitchcock never made, then this would be the second best! "No discipline... Bad news... Leads to anarchy."

Heather M (ru) wrote: There were a few flaws in this plot, but overall it was a fairly good movie.