Send a Woman When the Devil Fails

Send a Woman When the Devil Fails

Henri Godot (Jean Servais) is the owner of a night-club in Paris. He hires young hit man Jo (Alain Delon) to kill his arch rival Boby. But Jo gets entangled with the intriguing femme fatale, Angele aka Maine (Edwige Feuillère), who is Bob's mistress.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Henri Godot, the owner of a night-club in Paris. He calls to the young hitman, Jo to kill his rival Boby, who intrigues with his lover, Maine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mathew P (es) wrote: The boredom factor goes through the roof with this one and if you only watch it too witness Danny Dyer bringing a bit of life too it then think again! It is the most appalling film since "The Blair Witch Project" or could even be classed as "worse." Before you watch it I can easily give away the secret too this film without it taking forever too get too it..............the last seven are DEAD part from the one girl who is revived-WOW!!!!!!!

James R (jp) wrote: A HBO Film, the story of the terrible 1994 massacre of almost a million people in Africa. Hutu's killed the Tutsis their fellow countrymen. The story focuses on two brothers and their families. A lot better told story than Hotel Rwanda, and it showed how so many stood by and did nothing....shocking but true story

Spencer D (us) wrote: I'm going to get down to the point on this one. This is the equivalent of Airplane 2, in the sense that Goldmember is the exact same jokes we've heard before in the first Austin Powers movie. Given that it is the same as the first one, there is no reason to watch this inferior version, as a matter of fact, there is no reason to make this one, except to trick people into spending money to see it. 4/10

Bob S (fr) wrote: This documentary was hugely half-assed. OK, it had a few nice moments... and now I know where Tuva is.Academy Award nominee!! Get OUT!

Felipe F (kr) wrote: Parenthood is a warm and light family dramedy, that even though stumbles upon clichs along the way, it boasts a great ensemble cast to keep it solid.

Tom B (it) wrote: One man's trash... (SPOILERS) Awesome flick! Think Troma and you're on the right track. Street Trash would be right at home with other Troma fare like Toxic Avenger and Class Of Nuke'em High. (In fact, a couple people you might recognize from those films appear here as well.) This one's putting a comedic slant on the proceedings (like the two movies I just mentioned) and for the most part, it works. The laughs are intentional, as opposed to other movies I have reviewed, which you tend to laugh at due to the high grade of cheese involved. One morning, a liquor store owner uncovers a case of booze, called Tenafly Viper, in the basement that appears to have been there since prohibition was repealed. Being an opportunistic business man, he sells the stuff for a buck a bottle. Since his store is located in a Jersey slum, his customers tend to be homeless drunks. Lo and behold, a young homeless drunk, named Fred (who lives in a auto wrecking yard with his younger brother, Kevin), comes in and swipes a bottle and then has it stolen by another derelict. Turns out, Fred's lucky it happaned that way, cause when the theif sits down on a toilet and takes a swig from the bottle, he pretty much turns into slime (neon slime, at that) and drians down the crapper. More homeless people start to melt after drinking the Viper, till Fred realizes what's going on when he sees one of them explode. Now it's up to him to warn everybody. To make matters worse, he's got a mobster, named Duran, after him cause he made off with the guy's girlfriend while she was drunk and puking in an alley behind Duran's restaurant. Fred took her back to his squat and had his way with her... till some other bums in the area showed up and pretty much raped the holy hell outta her and left her dead, down by the river. Duran has also got it in for the doorman who let Fred walk right by with the girl and did nothing to stop him. Also, there's Bronson (played by Vic Noto), a deranged Veitnam veteran who's kinda like the school yard bully of the bums. He has a (very) small army of homeless troops to carry out his orders, which include terrorizing the locals. Add in a no nonsense cop looking to take Bronson down and you got yourself a hell of a good time. As I said at the start, if you like Troma films, there's a lot you'll probably dig here. The Good: The characters and dialogue, for starters. Bronson is a real loon, taking every opportunity to act like he's still back in "the shit." The cop (played by Bill Chepil) is even better! I love it when he tells a woman that's giving him a hard time about helping a guy who's been splattered by a melting bum who just took a swig of Viper, "Baby, I'm not sure you don't gotta cock." The scene where Fred and Kevin's friend Burt hits a grocery store to shoplift them some dinner is a riot. The best though, has got to be Duran and the doorman. Their scenes together crack me up! (Take a look at my favorite qoute on my R.T. profile for an example of their banter.) I like the melting scenes as well. The film isn't very gory in a blood and guts way (though there are a couple scenes that are pretty nasty), it's more about the melting, which is pretty gross nonetheless. I think the special effects are darn good, considering the meager budget this movie had. Oh yeah, the scene where Bronson starts a game of keep away with a guys severed penis is a hoot! The Not So Good: There's a bit of a stretch were no one melts. Since these scenes are amongst the highlights of the movie, it's a little bit of a letdown. The acting, as usual in these types of movies, is pretty bad, but c'mon, it's a low budget splatter flick from the 1980's. If you don't do juvenile humor (penis keep away anyone?), you'll want to avoid this one.

Kevin M (kr) wrote: This is a rather weird movie that pretends to be more deep and original than it really is. However, it's not an entirely insufferable movie thanks to Sandra Bullock's charm.

Shawn S (de) wrote: This has an excellent story, a great cast, and good direction.

Matt G (ca) wrote: amazing movie about soldiers and their families.

Alec H (de) wrote: Not quite as good as I had hoped, wished it looked more at the history of the Winter Hill Gang, but still an interesting look not only at Bulger but the dirty nature of the FBI

Sandra A (gb) wrote: An interesting movie about a boy who lost both parents and try to learn about their journey through others point of view.Sometimes the plot is a little confusing and I was lost in translation...