Senior Year

Senior Year


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David L (it) wrote: X-Men: Days of Future Past is definitely a bit rushed at times and it has way too many characters in it, but most of them got their moment to shine with Mystique, Charles, Erik and of course Quicksilver being the highlights. The film is not only funny and entertaining owing to excellent humor and action, but it also has good dialogue and a strong, clever script leading to the second best entry in the franchise.

Mark A (kr) wrote: Heartbreakingly sad film about a woman seeking absolution from a priest unable to give it. Powerful emotions are in play with this multi-layered story that easily could have slid into a lurid sex tale but managed to stay above the fray. Explores the power of forgiveness and random acts of kindness that can change lives. Jeremy Sisto as the jaded priest who finds new purpose and Kristen Chenowith as the young woman were superb. The supporting cast performed ably and the dark streets of Minneapolis served as the backdrop for this morality tale. Surprisingly well done, and extremely tasteful, respectful treatment of a very sensitive subject. Wow!

Bob W (us) wrote: The performance by Langella is memorable. Some questions about historicity, but overall well done.

Douglas L (ag) wrote: There is no denying that this kind of sucked - but hey, it was futuristic WWI style steampunk demon alien fighting stuff, so what they hell? Why not?!?! It was fun enough. Lots of big plot holes but enough pointless mutilation to make up for it.

Mario B (br) wrote: Trs ordinaire!!! Mauvais effets spciaux, le chien est chier...

Nicole L (au) wrote: beautiful film. okay so it's slow going but really powerful especially towards the end when you realize what's happening. ash was surprisingly brilliant for most of the film.

Robert C (jp) wrote: Wesley Snipes is a ex-soldier whose girl friends brother was killed in his division. Now by a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity... in which some secret government people inject poor old Wesley with a drug that makes him susceptible to anything they suggest... meanwhile real government officials are using him to trace the fake ones. No brainier action flick... with a lack of action. No martial arts again except one fifteen second fight in a coffee shop, as this is the first main bit of action in the whole movie it gets your hopes up for no reason. Few explosions and not enough shooting. Good scene with an old tanker hanging off a bridge with Wesley attached. However most of the movie is just Wesley believing things that aren't real and people talking about it. Not unstoppable... more like... shuffling with intent.

Jordan L (fr) wrote: This has to be the queerest movie I have ever seen.

Sasha T (au) wrote: Funny to rewatch and see how silly things seem now in adulthood.

Juli N (ru) wrote: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford delivered the creepiest, grotesque performances of a lifetime dragging its audiences kicking and screaming down the murky depths of the rabbit hole and we loved them for it!

Stevee T (br) wrote: Quite sad, but it has a really weird ending. Interesting seeing Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in a tragic film.

Alex S (au) wrote: Not exactly Death Wish but for what it is, it's brilliant from the director of Maniac and Maniac Cop.

Brennyn G (mx) wrote: Crazy over the top action