Sepah: The Movie

Sepah: The Movie


Based on the group Sepah, "Sepah The Movie" stars its three members as three single men who work in an electronic factory near their village who are also obsessed with motor cross racing. As if the friends have not enough in common, all of them fall for a girl named Ayu Sofea, who works in the quality control department in the electronic factory where the trio also work. This leads to a series of bungling schemes and misunderstandings perpetrated by the three men in order to win Ayu Sofea's heart. To make things worse, a rival appears in the form of their new manager, called Based, who has an international degree, wealth and an equal love for motor cross. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sepah: The Movie torrent reviews

Saad F (es) wrote: Pretty standard fare. Does exactly what you would expect a movie set in Vegas with multiple couples to do. Good for an afternoon stream.

Luke S (us) wrote: There were some great moments and ideas, some hillarious characters, and some nice horrific dream imagery. But overall it really didn't do much for me and was quite boring.

Adam T (gb) wrote: Genius. As good as the Godfather.

Eric W (kr) wrote: Some not so "pro" moments in the film but overall a good suspense story.

joy (jp) wrote: love it! such a sweet movie, sad and charming.

David T (ag) wrote: Classic horror story with the scientist trying to turn a man into s snake. You got to give this movie props though, the cast and crew worked with real deadly snakes in this production.

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Carlito's Way has all the De Palma style, camera angles, and long takes you could hope for. The movie might get slow in its middle passages and a bit tedious at times, but the film showcases a story about a man who, as hard as he tries, can never get out of the life he set himself up for.

Francisco L (fr) wrote: Original, but predictable, with boring characters and a bad script.

Alyan H (ag) wrote: Great cast but didn't deliver through the story and screenplay

Sam M (fr) wrote: Pretty interesting but of course the visuals and technology may turn off some people.