Separate Vacations

Separate Vacations

A young architect finds himself in a situation that he never had to deal with before--now that he is successful (and married), sexy young women are throwing themselves at him!

A young architect finds himself in a situation that he never had to deal with before--now that he is successful (and married), sexy young women are throwing themselves at him! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zair A (ru) wrote: everyone performed really well but at some point of time movie become a bit drag

Kklauddia H (nl) wrote: To all men and women who serve our country... I salute you... God bless you ALL!!

Tommy R (jp) wrote: Woman breaks up with her news anchor boyfriend after he announces that she's a virgin on air. She then befriends his camera man not knowing that they two men work together. I was disappointed with the acting. It is worse than a lifetime movie. It looks like someone's final project for college.

Deanna C (ru) wrote: Very interesting movie that shows how our lives are linked to each other. Kind of like 7 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon.

megan a (us) wrote: realy good family film

Matthew G (au) wrote: For once, the title of the film describes perfectly what it's about: cows.

Simon B (ru) wrote: film moyen avec un rythme qui se languit mais film interessant a voir dans le contexte du retrait du pouvoir de Fidel Castro.

Martin D (it) wrote: A remake of Jacques Tourneur's noir classic Out of the Past (1947), in this version a labyrinthine web of corruption touches on the world of pro football. When an injury-riddled body causes pro football player Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) to be cut by his team, Jake Wise (James Woods), a shady gambler friend, hires him to locate his spoiled, erratic girlfriend Jessie (Rachel Ward). Terry's attempt to glean Jessie's whereabouts from the girl's coldly aristocratic mother (Jane Greer) leads to a lucrative counteroffer to keep Jessie away from Jake if he finds her. After refusing, Terry heads for scenic Cozumel, where he eventually runs down the stunning young woman. A mutual attraction quickly develops and the pair are less than eager to return to California. Painfully, Terry tells Jessie about his involvement in a betting scandal which has put him under Jake's control. Meanwhile Jake, who is angered by the delay, senses that something is going on, and sends Terry's conditioning coach, Sully (Alex Karras), to find the couple. When he finally locates them, sweatily making love in a Mayan temple, tragedy ensues, spinning the ill-fated Terry into a world of boundless deceit and corruption.

Isabelle W (es) wrote: Primeiro filme de Chabrol. Franois volta a sua vila dcadas depois e se reencontra com pessoas com as quais conviveu grande parte de sua vida, j muito diferentes. Assim, Franois "analisa a todos como se fossem insetos", como afirma uma das personagens. E essa anlise lhe causa grande estranhamento - sente-se longe daquela realidade, no consegue compreender certas atitudes, principalmente as de seu melhor amigo, um alcolatra que no tem mais qualquer perspectiva de futuro.Eu particularmente gostei muito do roteiro, bom e envolvente.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Several great scenes don't make a great movie. Nearly predictable.

Jesse K (kr) wrote: Like everything from Baumbach, I'm going to need to see this many more times. It's still a funny and charming film.

Rosco M (mx) wrote: Visually stunning and a simple storyline that keeps you interested. Entertaining and family friendly. A bit of nostalgia for any fans of the old cartoon.

Knox M (es) wrote: On par with Family Plot as far as funny Hitchcocks go, The Trouble With Harry is understandably one of Hitch's favorite films.