September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" is a 5 hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. While aimed primarily at a general, uninformed audience, the film also contains some new findings that may be of interest to advanced researchers.

An investigation of 9/11. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


September 11: The New Pearl Harbor torrent reviews

matt s (es) wrote: i love how these people go through tornadoes in a car and come out unharmed. i loved the special effects. the lava not burning the people was a nice touch. i think the only plot/conflict was the relationship of the Italian man and the Asian chick. i hope the guy lovers survive so that their gay attractions will live.

Neal B (us) wrote: It seldom happens after watching a Bollywood movie that you walk out assured that this has to be a Hollywood remake, going by the quality of the script and the execution, and then are surprised that it isn't. This is what happened to me. when i came back home after watching KCK. First thing I did was checked on the internet but couldn't find any hint of this (to my happiness, surely I'll be disappointed if someone told me that it is a copy). KCK is a fresh flavour in an industry where outdated recipes are the order of the day.All in all KCK is one more movie from bollywood this year that is worth watching. 4/5

Calvin R (mx) wrote: Although Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead is far way more grisly then the first Joy Ride, but its missing the tension and the cast from the first film and it was way to predictable. Overall Joy Ride 2 still offered some decent cool grisly death, and it was still pretty entertainingly intense.

Mario S (gb) wrote: I laughed once in the first half hour. This movie sucks. I'm guessing it was written by a 12 year old... no, 10 year old. Maybe one of Romney's kids decided to become a screenplay writer, started doing a bad job, outsourced it to a dumber kid that needed the dough then got daddy to make it happen with a cast I KNOW can do better. Money talks, Citizens United represent.

Kim S (gb) wrote: This cast brought it! Great direction by Neil Jordan. Would've loved to have pub crawled with this cast and crew!

Mary M (kr) wrote: So messed up. I didn't find any of the characters all that likable to feel sorry for the mess they were making of their lives.

Ben N (de) wrote: I watched this film when it was released in the U.S. It was even more disturbing on the big screen. Tokyo Decadence is a mind-numbing and excruciating experience that is harder to shake than "Turtle's reward".

Sarfara A (nl) wrote: Re-watched State of Grace (as Sean Penn has arrived in Badin-Sindh, here in Pakistan today). Starring Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Ed Harris. A wonderful crime-film, worthy of stormy praise for the performance from Gary Oldman, he is the force of the film no doubt in that; his performance is so striking that actors like Sean Penn, Ed Harris seem out of nowhere. Film captures stunning locations with its great cinematography work.

Jan D (es) wrote: An unassuming, unpretentious look at communication and unfulfilled romance, with nuanced performances by Bancroft, Hopkins and Dench. What might appear as a "You've Got Mail" for the middle-aged turns out to be a thoughtful, well-performed film that does not pretend to be more than what it is -- a gentle relationship between two misplaced humans with an ocean in between. RATING: B+

Paul E (gb) wrote: a strange little cult film about a motocyle group who act as a travelling arthurian re-enactment troup.

Reece L (es) wrote: Given this series' propensity for racism, You Only Live Twice seems par for the course, but while it revels in the franchise's always prevalent and uncomfortable preoccupation with exoticism, it's not nearly as horrible as one would expect. Accomplishing some marginal progress in the series' portrayal of Asian people, You Only Live Twice actually has Japanese actors playing Japanese characters (mind-blowing!), but the stereotypes that come with this territory are sadly there, namely the idiotic and incessant "Bond-san" nonsense and what comes with Bond's "becoming Japanese" in order to carry out his mission. As a piece of filmmaking, it's sloppy assembled and dorky to the extreme (Bond's big gadget is a tiny personal helicopter that looks completely ridiculous when shown next to full-sized versions), but this ultimately works in its favor; it gets to the point that it's so stupid it's enjoyable, albeit only marginally.

Sarah C (ru) wrote: totally enchanting! mesmerizing scenes with Mozart's Piano Concerto 21 flowing throughout the whole movie. the last froze scene haunts audience in the seats for a long long time.

Gary C (it) wrote: [b][color=#ffffff]Story of a Prostitute[/color][/b] (1965, Suzuki) This may well be Suzuki's fullest picture and is immensely powerful and takes a greater emphasis on story, rather than style. A- (9/10) [more to be added later]

Sherry L (gb) wrote: Quite OK film noir with Richard Basehart, Audrey Totter and Cyd Charrise. A humble salers man called Warren with a egocentric, easy going wife gets in trouble when his wife finds herself a new boyfriend. After being beaten up and humiliated by the boyfriend in front of his wife he changes his looks, gets contacts instead of glasses and buys a house close to theirs by the beach. He meets a really nice and very beautiful young woman named Mary, who lives next door and whom he starts to get feelings for. One night he has dicided to kill his wife's boyfriend to changes his mind in the last minute. So he sets a date with Mary, at his place but it isn't Mary who walkes in, it's his wife. She has killed her boyfriend! And as you can guess it is Warren who is gonna be the prime suspect for the murder, with his motive, fingerprints, and no alibi. The movie was just too predictable to be really good and it lacked a real good twist, like many film noirs contain. The acting was average, but not worse then any other low budget noir. It's nice to see Cyd Charrise so young, in a non musical. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is just getting familiar with the subgenre film noir, but to the film noir veteran who now have seen Double Indemnity and most of Bogart/Bacall's movies. It's watchable, but just about it.

Jimene M (nl) wrote: This is a collection of short stories from the Green Lantern Corps. Some of them are pretty good. The voice acting and animation is good. Mostly kid friendly.

Tommy K (jp) wrote: The acting may not be the greatest, but the story is really enjoyable and the visual effects (especially the dinosaurs) are a true marvel to behold even to this day. Easily one of Spielberg's greatest accomplishments.

Jack O (br) wrote: I don't need to say anything about this. I think this is a dark comedy.... I don't need to say it because it's a decent movie it wasn't fantasic but it was all right.

Joe E (au) wrote: Fire Birds is a terrible Top Gun rip-off. (Why do I ever watch most Nicolas Cage films?!?)