A girl is born to an Aboriginal mother and an Afgan father.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   boy,   mission,  

A girl is born to an Aboriginal mother and an Afgan father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M (mx) wrote: A lot potential dropped the ball

(ru) wrote: Although the film may offer elements of reality in the modeling world, no one dares speak up about how evil it is for young girls. Being sought out as prepubescent youth, offered a future of judgement, starvation, discrimination and pressures that no teen (boy or girl) needs. Why not recruit young women for educational opportunities, to provide a real future that won't leave them with eating disorders, depression and no opportunity. That's the reality. The filmmakers were too chicken shit to find someone who would actually admit, "this is b.s. what we do to these girls." and the main female narrator was a disgusting, evil woman seeking money. How about a film that shows the realities, including the devastation and misservice these agencies provide in the long run. THUMBS WAY WAY DOWN. The narrator lady even admits she doesn't care about the girls. She just wants the money.

Michael L (gb) wrote: What a piece of shit. Not scary at all. Every story had a flat ending. I felt ripped off.

Luke M (de) wrote: Tense and brilliantly accurate, this film tells one of the greatest stories of World War II

Andrew H (br) wrote: This is a very heart warming story about what a group of friends mean to one another.

Amy S (gb) wrote: I've heard horrible things, but I love Joaquin and Marky Mark.

Darryl M (ag) wrote: You Booof as fuc foool. This movie is funny and it sends a message if you didn't have yo head in yo .... you would figure it out

Rey B (de) wrote: One of the saddest movies I've seen in years.

Mark V (it) wrote: Another Michael Bay movie that overstays its welcome. It starts off okay enough but Michael Bay movies require you to turn off your brain. It is impossible (without dying) to turn off your brain for the length of a Michael Bay film. You would forget how to breathe. Gabrielle Union delivers lines woodenly. Will Smith has zero charisma. At least Martin Lawrence plays a decent fool. Actually laughed at some of the "accidental Ecstasy", the part where Martin Lawrence realizes how soft Will Smith's shirt was. The rest....well.The movie is fun enough action, just goes on too long. One thing I do credit with Michael Bay films is that all the ridiculousness in this world then makes it seem very normal. You believe that this is some alternate universe where cops causing mass destruction and property damage is equal to getting a write up at a retail store. That's the only possible reason why the two most incompetent cops in the world still have jobs.Also, fun note, whether intentional or not, Michael Bay just showed us how ridiculous the War on Drugs was. The most deaths caused by Ecstasy was one (guy who ODed at a club, who was then dumped in the streets). Deaths caused by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence? Pretty much EVERY OTHER DEATH is caused by their or their department's mistakes.

Akash S (gb) wrote: indeed a film for those that would like to see a change within our current system.. good for the young and with a good message.. a very good film depicting hoffman's perspective.. the use of real newsreels was effective in storytelling, but i expected to see a real pic of hoffman, anita and other main characters at some point.. they were hidden throughout, nothing in full.. def a good introduction to some issues of the 60s and the key players.. you can steal it, but its not cool to robert greenwald, so i'd suggest renting it!

David S (gb) wrote: Performances are mixed (some good, some horrible), direction is rather bland, but the plot is interesting with a strong sense of mystery that will probably keep you watching until the end. Speaking of which, the final twist is rather clever and innovative, but the attentive viewer can figure it out. Not bad, not great, it had its ups and downs.

Tristan H (ca) wrote: The cast definitely made this an enjoyable movie to watch. Unfortunately this movie is something that most people wouldnt remember. I think you really would only watch this movie if it was something coming on tv as you flipped the channels. Decent plot.

Bonnie A (br) wrote: Honours the novel's sad and couragous tale, yet ends differently.

t w (br) wrote: A boring, incoherent, Mess of a movie. Good animation however

Stella D (fr) wrote: a really charming pre-code musical. i'm not the biggest fan of chevalier or of jeanette macdonald's operatic style, but this won me over. clever staging of musical numbers, ribald humor and a young myrna loy too! thx sarega :)

Russ V (gb) wrote: Probably the only remake released nearly 20 years after the original with the starring role played by the same actor, Never Say Never Again is a very good Bond film, that is certainly worth a watch for fans of the Bond movies, although casual fans won't be missing much, especially if they have already seen Thunderball.

Steve G (nl) wrote: "Total Recall" is an amazing and fun Action/Sci-Fi movie of 1990. "Total Recall" has an amazing plot to it which is a an named "Doug Quaid" portrayed by "Arnold Schwarzenegger", who visits a virtual reality travelling agency. After an error in the process "Quaid's" brain is messed up. Later he gets a message from someone telling him that he must go to mars. The plot to this movie is amazing, the people who "Quaid" meets. The acting in "Total Recall" is superb, yet again "Arnold Schwarzenegger" exceeds our expectations for our acting. "Sharon Stone" is another great actress. The music in this movie is great, "Jerry Goldsmith" did a great job composing music for this movie. The movie editors put his music in the right scenes and made this movie ever better. "Total Recall" could've easily become a mess of a movie with plot holes everywhere, but thanks to "Paul Verhoeven's" marvellous directing an easy error never happened. There is a lot of violence and blood in "Total Recall" and with big action movies like this one it is very easy to have action sequences and death scenes look horrible. This movie had amazing visuals and very believable scenes. Finally this movie was filmed very well, there are one or two scenes that could've been done better, but only one or two. "Total Recall" will remain a classic for years to come. If you are a person who likes Action/Sci-fi's then I highly recommend you watch "Total Recall" as it is an action-packed amazing film with superb acting. I give "Total Recall" a 9/10.