A psychological suspense drama-thriller where a psychologist becomes obsessed with one of his patients. The lines between dreams and reality blend.

A psychological suspense drama-thriller where a psychologist becomes obsessed with one of his patients. The lines between dreams and reality blend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kace C (nl) wrote: Affinity [Fywell, 2008] I'm very angry, very affected. If that is the goal, then it did a great job. 7/10

Randy P (jp) wrote: The moment this film gets under your skin, it stays there.In the end you feel just how the girl with the dragon tattoo feels.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Recommended by Anthony.

Jon B (br) wrote: Unrealistic characters, bad acting, awful ending.

Michael M (au) wrote: Amy Adams is phenomenal.

xGary X (us) wrote: An intelligent update of blaxploitation flicks from the 1970s, Dead Presidents is the story of Anthony, a promising young student who upon his return from the Vietnam war finds his old neighbourhood completely transformed. Without a job, suffering post traumatic stress and unable to feed his young family he becomes embroiled in a plan to rob an armoured car. Unfairly appropriated into the slew of movies from the "hood" in the early 1990s, this film from the Hughes brothers (Menace II Society) is a clever blend of coming of age, Vietnam war and urban crime dramas. Larenz Tate heads a young cast who all acquit themselves well, although none can match the dominating presence of veteran character actor Keith David; even the normally excruciating Chris Tucker is pretty good here. It's full of memorable scenes taking a lot of stylistic cues from Goodfellas, particularly the gripping heist sequence and it's all complimented perfectly by a wonderful soundtrack of the best of American soul and funk of the period. I think it would have benefited from a non linear timeline to break up the episodic nature of the script and considering the power of the build up, it ends in something of a whimper; the Hughes brothers feeling the need to hammer home the "crime doesn't pay" message at the expense of a satisfying narrative conclusion. But considering the many disparate elements cleverly combined and some excellent set pieces, it's a strong and worthy action driven crime drama with a message.

Emod L (kr) wrote: 92%Hook is a delightful and colorful film for all ages.V: 53%

Dallas S (de) wrote: This movie is honestly unwatchable. It's like Troll 2 except less realistic. There's a scene where he goes riding over log piles in a mill yard...but you can see the plywood runway the whole time. I guess if you grew up in the '80s it'd be nostalgic, but otherwise don't bother.

Paras G (ru) wrote: Imagine a hearsay story about you being published in one of the major newspapers which ruins your business, affects your loved ones and basically changes your life. This is a story about a guy who makes an honest living but gets ruined because of a false story published in a newspaper. The guy then gets back to the people responsible for all this. The movie takes a peak into the journalism ethics and tries to send a message that there should be a law or some rules in the business of publishing. The terrifying thing is that the movie is based in the 80s but journalism still hasn't changed a bit. The legendary Paul Newman plays the character of Mike Gallagher and Sally Field plays the journalist. Both post power-packed performances in this eye-opener. Director Sydney Pollack does really a good job of not straying away from the plot-line and delivering the right message as the movie starts out to do so. I would highly recommend this movie.

David S (es) wrote: I think I might have seen the cut version of this film as there were too many scenes that were mentioned but never seen and some very odd cuts from time to time. Therefore the whole thing came across as a bit of a mess and coupled with some very dodgy acting from the lead twins it hardly hits the heights of vintage Hammer. Interesting to see Cushing play a evil-ish character for a change but the overall campy feel to the whole thing made this feel like a very diluted Horror. The 70's were not a good time for British horror (with the exception of a few like 'The Wicker Man') and this film feels too lightweight.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (1950) Dallas WESTERN Westerns are definitely not like what they're used to anymore, and this is a prime example of it. Watching this movie is like reading a great Western novel, for there's so many things happening that it may require a second viewing. Stars Gary Cooper as an ex-confederate major Blayde Hollister, who's just escaped from a pointless hanging, with the help of an old friend who's just retiring, by the name of Wild Bill Hickok. Along with this little so-called act, is a less than experienced sheriff, recruited from Boston by the name of Martin Weatherby( Leif Erickson). Because Martin is new to the area of Dallas, and is also not a very good gun shooter, Blayde Hollister decides to pose as him, while Martin would go as his brother. Blayde's only objective for doing this is to settle an old score. There's also a subplot involving carpetbaggers, and underhanded scrupulous real estate developers involving the Marlow brothers. What I love about this movie is that there's always one exciting thing happening after another, that there were times I was unable to keep up with it. And the action sequences are well photographed and performed which we are not accustomed in seeing in Western films these days when all they do is talk, using a measly budget. And Gary Cooper performance is just as strong and commanding as he ever was. 3 out of 4 stars

Christopher E (es) wrote: Honestly just as smart, if not even funnier than the original. Tatum and Hill are at it again, as their characters are sent off to college where they have to yet again uncover a viral drug operation. They still have a lot of searching to do in order to not only grow as a team, but as individuals. If anything, these movies ride on the chemistry that is Tatum and Hill. These two are a power comedic duo, as they work so well together and their improvisation, comedic timing, and lovable natures make for a fun ride. These two are so self aware and they make you laugh in numerous ways. They killed me in the first film, and their chemistry only got better with this second film. One thing the Jump Street franchise is, if anything, is completely self aware. In both movies, they have perfectly addressed the situation at hand and they've managed to make fun of themselves. But it's also one of those situations where even though they make fun at how cheesy and convenient some things are, the script is still genuinely smart, funny, and clearly has effort put into it. They make plenty of references, they follow a nice format, and they put enough twists on the film to distinguish it enough from its predecessor. A movie that knows what it is is the best kind of movie. No set of movies have made me laugh harder in my life. I'm normally not a big fan of comedies, because I personally think it's one of the most overused and abused genres out there. Each genre has their cheap cash grab ideas, but for me, I see it most present in comedies. Both Jump Street movies have made me laugh so hard. And when I'm laughing just as hard in the sequel as I am in the original, that deserves a lot of praise. As a sequel, they could've easily bowed out and created a cash grab, but they didn't and I'm so grateful for that.In the end, this is a sequel that many could argue improves upon the original. Although I honestly liked it more, it does have a few more drags than the original had, which is why I'm giving it half a star less. But in my personal preference, this is a sequel that's better than the original.

Hobie P (ru) wrote: Sleazy & chessy but slasher fans such as myself will fall for it

Damian L (ag) wrote: I was shocked at how good it was, Rocky should of been left alone at number 4 but this proved that theory wrong!

George W (ca) wrote: I really love thriller movies. not horror. horror movies today have too much gore. if you want a mind bending thriller without lots of blood and guts this movie is made for you