A love brings to light the soft-natured characteristic features that lie buried in the sub-conscious mind of a seemingly hard-core student. Some unexpected tragic events mould his life into an epic-like story!

A stranger comes to town. The enigmatic protagonist, Seth, gets off the bus one hot summer day at the end of August and takes rooms at the local inn. This sets off a long chain of reactions... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seth torrent reviews

Derek C (ca) wrote: somehow Shaw gave this dog shit movie 4 stars. I'll never listen to those lying bastards again. I'm sad to report that the guy from Half Baked gained a lot of weight.

Rory Fyfe S (de) wrote: I loved this film. Great acting, great script. Halle Berry was super.

Hvard P (jp) wrote: I seem to remember a boring movie..

David J (mx) wrote: Anyone who says that Tom Cruise is a bad actor obviously hasn't seen this great movie.

Michael W (ru) wrote: An interplanetary slave evades his captors in Harlem. Maybe John Sayles best film, with many amusing scenes of the mute alien interacting with the locals with a few subtle messages mixed in. Runs a bit long but otherwise a hidden gem.

Darren B (jp) wrote: Low budget sci-fi awesomeness!!

Bryan R (au) wrote: This was a great movie. Just got to see it for a second (and third, and fourth, and so on) on DVD. Just as good on the repeat. I thought everybody involved did a great job.