Settlement of Crows

Settlement of Crows

First movie of the famous Czech adventure trilogy: Osada Havranů Na veliké rece Volání rodu

First movie of the famous Czech adventure trilogy: Osada Havranů Na veliké rece Volání rodu . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Settlement of Crows torrent reviews

Tim M (es) wrote: A miniseries strung together into a movie, with the budget of a TV show and camera work that makes "NYPD Blue" seem static. "Killer Girl K" is a much better alternative. For fans of Storm Shadow, Korean dramas and "24".

Sarah H (gb) wrote: Honestly it had potential. However for some reason Healther Locklear brought it down. Maybe it was her portral of Bitch, possibly too well that it seemed a little out of place and to the extreame. Possibly not enough information about their relationship was given to warrent her behavior.

Karan G (ru) wrote: cool/Boring..good and bad.


Jaws N (us) wrote: DisneyToon follows up their first genuinely good film with one of their worst.

Nolan M (mx) wrote: A funny film that has a good message and lots of laughs from characters. Josh Hartnett is perfectly cast.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 86%Watched this on 17/11/15This is the most underrated film of James Wan (even from the part of the audience). It is violent, well directed and more over filled with some effective cinematography (in the chase scene) and also the splendid sound effects that you could also find in Insidious. Kevin Bacon gives a really good performance and the film, although violent, does not believe that violence and bloodshed can give any happiness. Moreover, it's more realistic in the sense that it is the only serious action film that showed the lead actor's inability to use guns even in the second half of the film and he had to use instruction manuals as well for his aid. The film also seems to take inspiration from Taxi Driver.

Gianni V (mx) wrote: Toute la France des annees 80 resumee en un film.

Laurne M (nl) wrote: i really enjoyed seeing a badass Elvis :D i was taken aback how you can make some parallel between Elvis'life and his character's one, like the parties, the girls, the way he surrunded himself a very good movie so much different from what he's done after, even though he is singing

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: And Then There Were None Dir: Rene Clair 10 people from different walks of life, are invited to a beautiful house located on a far off island, to their sheer surprise, the host is absent. As boat has long gone and now expected to return after few days. All of them come to learn about their past crimes, on the dinner table, being disclosed through recording on a gramophone, explaining to each one of them by name, how they got away from law. They must face their fate now. Based upon a novel of same name by Agatha Christie (especially the near-climax), basically the movie was made to reach happily to Hollywood moviegoers, since major scenes of crimes were either altered or dropped out. However, this amazing mystery film, it brought same level of excitement to me, that average mystery movies do. Richard Haydn who played Thomas Rogers as butler, put excellent humorous touch to the film, he made his character look enjoyable and one you wish not to die at all. This is not a faithful adaptation of novel, as script was altered to contain bit of humor, and no murder scene being committed (only then-Soviet version is faithful to novel in all aspects of plot layout). My personal guess is that, classic B-grade film House On Haunted Hill, should have been inspired with plot of this film.

Augustine H (de) wrote: The superficial melodrama never turns me in, thanks to the horrendous adaptation which turns the cast into a bunch of morons. The mere shining spots are James Spader, and of course, the legendary theme song.