Seven Seas to Calais

Seven Seas to Calais

Sir Francis Drake fights to take over Spain's treasure routes for Queen Elizabeth I.

Sir Francis Drake goes on an expedition to the New World and steals gold from the Spaniards. After making a daring getaway| he returns to England where he protects
Queen Elizabeth I from a network of spies who are plotting to overthrow her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Triliana K (de) wrote: First thing was to watch Andy acts again. I really like this guy. Secondly, it was the plot and some humor made me stay watching. It was predictable story, but the hole can teach you everything about life, love, and honor.

Briana M (fr) wrote: I could not make it though the first ten minute. I thought that with Katt Williams, I'd at least get a few cheap laughs. I was dissapointed. Instead of seeing this, I should have just stared at a wall; I could not have been any less entertained. In short, Master P, you have done it again. Bravo.

Kevin C (jp) wrote: Interesting subject, but its so amateurishly done that its a bit distracting at time. It kind of makes you wonder how much tighter and better it would be with better direction, narration, and those kinds of things. The use of music is also overwhelming and annoying at times. All the rhetoric about saving the world didn't seem to make any sense and watching this old man go insane seemed more exploitative than anything else.

Noname (br) wrote: Samuel L Jackson and Ben Affleck in a drama with a small amount of thriller moments aswell. An average movie i would say with a decent story that will keep you interested altho it has some slow parts but very watchable flick overall. Both of this actors keeps a solid level usually in every role they make so you know what you get.

Chris G (es) wrote: More than lives up to its reputation. One of the worst movies I've ever seen.....and not in a good way.

Alex S (mx) wrote: This is such a great movie. Of particular mention is the way Michael Caine's character imagines the scheme. Once the plan is in motion, everything starts going wrong! This heist movie is definitely worth seeing.

Dorianator F (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie. Good acting, great music, pretty decent plot. I just thought it was a bit disorganized. And I thought the whole assassin story was a little off-putting.