Seven Women, Seven Sins

Seven Women, Seven Sins

Seven Women, Seven Sins (1986) represents a quintessential moment in film history. The women filmmakers invited to direct for the seven sins were amongst the world's most renown: Helke Sander (Gluttony), Bette Gordon (Greed), Maxi Cohen (Anger), Chantal Akerman (Sloth), Valie Export (Lust), Laurence Gavron (Envy), and Ulrike Ottinger (Pride). Each filmmaker had the liberty of choosing a sin to interpret as they wished. The final film reflected this diversity, including traditional narrative fiction, experimental video, a musical, a radical documentary, and was delivered in multiple formats from 16, super 16, video and 35mm.

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Jake V (kr) wrote: People complain they don't understand the characters... I found them too stock. A hooker with a heart of gold, the whiz kid full of life and dying young, the cynic hero, the manager that wants to control all but take no responsibility. It's a trope filled movie but I liked it anyway. Terry Gilliam is always an emotional roller coaster ride.

Aaron D (ru) wrote: The first Ice Age was great. What made it great were the original hilarious characters. Scrat and Sid are still hilarious and interesting but they are in drastic need of a better story. The story in these movies is getting old and boring. We also don't need to add 10 new characters each movie. The original cast is still the best. The addition of more slapstick is also getting old. Maybe its time to end this franchise.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: Extremely underrated movie.. I laughed through the entire movie. If you don't understand this movie the we couldn't be friends.

Rebekah C (ag) wrote: I initially viewed this film for two reasons. Firstly, the impeccable Joseph Gordon-Levitt and secondly, the Netflix description was so terrible I had to take a look as to what this movie actually was. While seemingly bizarre at first I actually found myself getting into these characters and their stories. Levitt and Collins offer so much to the characters of Bobby and Sam, and leaves the audience loving them one minute and hating them the next. If you aren't used to indie movies than you won't appreciate this. While not the greatest film I've seen I did enjoy the movie as a whole, but that's mostly due to what Levitt and Collins offered to the film

pete p (nl) wrote: Basically just porn with a good plot. But then again, it's porn. With a good plot. Why wouldn't you like it?

Jason J (it) wrote: What a fascinating coming of age tale set in an out of control boys school in Japan where violence and bullying run rampant. It follows the life of Kujo, the top dog at the school with his friend Aoki who starts to get bored with his position and wants to change his life. Great storyline and performances from the lead actors, also the soundtrack is pretty good too. I loved it.

Irene L (us) wrote: kept me entertained.

Mike M (ru) wrote: One of my fave dark high school comedies all time. This and Heathers!! Jane Greer rules in this film!!

Will B (de) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie where mosquitoes drink the blood of alien corpses and become giant mutants attacking a small community ever?

Kevin R (de) wrote: Robots with emotional problems.A syndicate is trying to create a better Robocop and messes with the original Robocop's mainframe. As Robocop starts to mess up some cases, it is easier for the syndicate to make a case for a Robocop 2.0. The Detroit police department will need to determine what's better for the city, Robocop or Robocop 2.0."It's only money."Irvin Kershner, director of Never Say Never Again, Face in the Rain, Up the Sandbox, Loving, The Hoodlum Priest, The Young Captives, and Stakeout on Dope Street, delivers Robocop 2. The storyline for this picture is disappointing and a huge step back from Robocop. The action is still pretty good but the special effects were not as clever as the first film. The acting is very average and the cast includes Peter Weller, John Glover, John Ingle, Tom Noonan, Belinda Bauer, and Leeza Gibbons. "I'd never fuck with you."I came across this trilogy on HBOGO and decided to watch them again for the first time in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised by the first film when I watched it again. It was better than I remembered. This one was awful and a big drop off in quality from Robocop. Overall, this is only worth watching for Robocop or science fiction diehards. "People want paradise. They will have it."Grade: C-

Brandon S (au) wrote: After rewatching this movie Ive become fond of it. I like Robert Quarry's Count Yorga much, much better than I like Christoper Lee's Count Dracula. This might have been the first movie to have a vampire comfortable socializing with people in the late 20th century; House of Dark Shadows came out the same year (though a few years earlier Barnabas had been on TV socializing with people of the 1960s). It was the Fright Night of its time. There is one scene that is still disturbing today, I brace myself every time I know its coming. Yorga is a socially refined character but at times he seems almost animal like. Set in California, circa 1970, this is one of the best vampire movies of that era.

Christopher S (ru) wrote: Excellent noirish drama masterfully crafted by director Jules Dassin takes a look at a world not often seen in movies - the ruthless, cutthroat lives of long-haul truckers. Smart writing and fascinating characters fleshed out by superb performances. Intense, engrossing, and authentic, this is really a remarkable film.

Nick B (fr) wrote: Excellent film, one of the best from the Coen brothers.

Michael T (de) wrote: After a slow start, the film picks up pace during the second half but never seems to make much sense.