Severe Injuries

Severe Injuries

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A bumbling and inept serial killer stalks the residents of a sorority house and finds himself up against a murderous competitor for the body count. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (es) wrote: A love story between a businessman and a weightlifter. The way Herman Yau tells the story seems to flow from start to finish with great two strong leading actors of Chapman To and Elanne Kwong. There are lots fo human emotions with lots of funny and likeable characters. I first thought Kwong was a miscast for this role, but she ended up a really good choice to play the lead actress. Great theme song by Kwong.

Atul R (us) wrote: Finally Bollywood gives a cute kids movie. This movie is like Hollywood's Little Rascals. All the kids in this movie did great job. This movie is entertaining and educational. I wish all the kids were like the kids in this movies. If you love kids and want to watch a good fun film then this is for you. Above it says the cast Irfan Khan but this movie has no big bollywood actors acting other than Ranbir Kapoor does a dance at the end.

Roger W (br) wrote: Loved the firepower, super realistic shooting and the impacts well boom!!!its OK a bit different.

Jason V (kr) wrote: Not the best (far away, although it's really good), but maybe the funniest horror movie of history.I laughed so much so many times...:DReally better than I thought!

Mikael K (au) wrote: Australian director Jane Campion returns to the world of slow-paced and highly aestheticized filmmaking with "Bright Star," a quiet movie about the romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. The relationship was the last recorded for Keats, who died three years into the affair at 25.Campion has clearly designed every shot carefully. She uses color and shade, bathing her actors in extreme light in beautiful interiors. "Bright Star" is no "Piano", though, despite its clear cinematic achievements. Somehow the techniques used are a bit too visible to the viewer. And overall the story tries to survive on old-fashioned romanticism alone, offering way too little character insight. It's nice to have movies that are meant as pure odes to beauty, but there is always the trap of shallow presentation. A trap that Campion doesn't quite manage to avoid.

Lanky Man P (ca) wrote: At least Horny the Clown is pretty bad ass

Jake N (gb) wrote: It's been rated R by the MPAA twice, looks like it's going to be a dark summer film and not the bright Will Smith fourth of July film we're used to seeing...

Hugh E (jp) wrote: He's come a long way from his time on Scrubs, good movie, really enjoyed it dealing with relationships, love, friends and getting on with sh*t.

Jesse B (us) wrote: Washington and Hackman both give commanding performances (pun intended), as well as co stars aboard. Tense sequences and witty dialogue - which Quentin Tarantino lent an uncredited hand to - is what drives this semi-war movie about two commanders aboard a submarine ship who collide with one another when orders are given to launch those nukes against Russia through EAM, but when all com systems crash while receiving a second EAM, the two commanders clash and go head-to-head trying to prove whether to launch those missiles or not. I personally believe this is quite possibly Simpson's and Bruckheimer's most intriguing and intense movie that all movie lovers should enjoy.

Andrew H (fr) wrote: I have nothing good to say about this movie.

Brandon J (nl) wrote: I like the tuff guy Clint Eastwood character. It had it's humor, great lesson on money stickers, and the best monkey ever.

Christopher C (jp) wrote: Long and very boring. Remember he spent a long time in jail and there is not much to tell or show for that part of his life. Idris Elba and Naomie Harris do an amazing performance.

Filius S (jp) wrote: Ronin is what happens when a 70s thriller movie meets a 90s action film and then throws in a fuck ton of car chases. Taking place in France, a team of mercenaries are hired to steal a McGuffin briefcase and return it to their client. Unfortunately for the team, it's members include David Duchovney's wife in Californication as an IRA member, Robert De Niro as a ex-special ops member, Jean Reno as a French ex-special ops member, some guy named Skipp Sudduth (fun fact, this guy did a lot of his own stunt driving in this film), Dr. Selvig from The Avengers and Thor movies, and 006, which as you can assume would lead to a bit of internal conflict. Add to that the fact that the Russian mob wants its potato harvesting mitts on the briefcase and you have a recipe for an inside/outside attack, like if Bruce Willis had food poisoning while trying to save Nakatomi Plaza. The movie pumps it up to notch 10, and periodically dials it back to notch 2, creating a movie that is at times incredibly meditative and slow paced, and other times completely off the wall intense. In a sense, you can imagine the film was maybe trying to mirror the pace of those old Samurai duels from the chanbara movies of the past. Ronin is particularly well known for its elaborate car chase sequences, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they're solid, as Director Frankenheimer also directed the 1966 classic Grand Prix. For this film, a fleet of BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and Peugeots - all painted black - race through Paris, Nice and the French countryside. The chases sometimes involved 300 or more stunt drivers, and to keep as authentic as possible, usually had the actual actors in the cars. At the time, CGI had gotten to the point where they could've fucked with it enough to not have to do the stunts practically, but this is John Frankenheimer motherfucker and he's not fucking with that pussy bullshit. He didn't even speed up the footage like some limp dick punk, these crazy fucks were sometimes cruising at 120 mph (almost 200 km/h) making the action sequences in the Fast and Furious series look like childlike garbage in comparison. So here's what you've got: thrilling special ops thievery, russian mobster counterattacks, inside gang conflict and deception, Robert De Niro and Jean Reno, car chases with some of the best looking cars in history, no bullshit CGI cop-outs, sweet guns and explosions, some of the nicest French backdrops to hold it all in place, a good pace that gives you time to meditate on all the crazy shit going on, and a brilliant soundtrack composed by Elia Cmral highlighted by an Armenian woodwind flute known as a duduk. In essance: You've got a sick fucking movie, that is so bad ass, the only thing that actually comes close to it would probably be Mad Max: The Fury Road. TL;DR - 9/10There was a time when this was my favorite movie, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm an action movie fan, but prefer to have some sort of cerebral effort involved, which makes a film like Ronin a perfect fit. To top it off, the cinematography is great, the casting is amazing, the pace is well balanced. It's practically a perfect film, and the only reason it gets a slightly lower ranking than a perfect score is because I always wished there could be just a little bit more written into the story to flesh out the more subtle details. At the end, I still highly recommend this film, and consider it a great piece of 90s cinema.