Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Set in London's world of high class call girls, Amoureux Solitaires tells the story of London based French escort Virginie, and Rupert, a man who rescues trafficked girls.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2016
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Set in London's world of high class call girls, Amoureux Solitaires tells the story of London based French escort Virginie, and Rupert, a man who rescues trafficked girls - A tale of modern love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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King L (kr) wrote: its the best action movie ive seen

Jeshelle V (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies.

Rocky R (kr) wrote: I don't get why this was rated so high at 83% rotten tomatoes. Get this, it's like watching one boring meeting where you want "management' to OK a project that is OBVIOUS - but, for 2 hours they keep delaying you. There. That's the entire effin movie. I just saved you from sitting in a 2 hour movie. I SO LOVE rotten tomatoes - but, i'm not with my peeps on this one.

Jacob B (es) wrote: Four Christmases is intermittently funny and stars a talented cast but all of that goes to waste with a too short runtime, a script that suffers from uneven writing and a story that lacks the charm to measure up with the far superior Christmas movies out there leaving this as one of the more middling holiday-themed comedies.

Shane D (ca) wrote: Bottom-of-the-barrel sequel cash in. Mindless and vacant in every possible way.

Anthony B (ag) wrote: Bruce Campbell plays a Senior Citizen version of Elvis Presley who, with the help of his spunky Ossie Davis sidekick who thinks he's JFK, goes toe-to-toe against a cowboy mummy highbred named Bubba Ho-Tep. Can you say Brilliant?!...Well, to be fair, it is more like incredibly stupid, but that is written in the best possible sense. This films proves that sometimes "stupid" does the job. Working of a script that is frequently funny, consistently creepy, and unabashedly original, director Dan Coscarelli (Phantasm) and actor/legend Bruce Campbell (everything) knock this funky little exercise in B cinema out of the park and score a homerun for fanboys everywhere.

Jennifer S (ru) wrote: Love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere together! The pair together never get old!

Teddy G (ru) wrote: Fairly accurate account of the Mexican-American experience in Los Angeles!! That was my character the military guy, until the "unexpected event" occured... Nice movie to try to understand the Mexican-American point of view on contemporary life!

Gary L (es) wrote: ????????????

Cesar R (jp) wrote: oh the 80s! sex, horny teens, vampires, cheesy scripts, unfunny jokes, tough I enjoyed anyways

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