Sex, drink and bloodsheed

Sex, drink and bloodsheed

Three loosely connected stories about football fans in Zagreb, Croatia, during the day of the country's biggest derby between Zagreb's GNK Dinamo and Split's NK Hajduk.

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connor l (mx) wrote: horrifyingly terrible and it doesn't even deserve the half a star I gave it it deserves a negative 5 stars being one of the worst times of my life yet not even being the worst

Tina A (au) wrote: Oh my!!! I have never seen a zero % critics like it rating before!! I'll have to say that I agree with that 100%. Total CRAP!!

Leo L (mx) wrote: Hmmmm....I am not a Seagal fan but I am willing to see this for two reasons: Roger Guenveur Smith and Luke Goss.

Alice S (it) wrote: A lightly neurotic Shiksa divorcee of a certain age falls in love with a twenty-something who turns out to be the ridiculously good-looking son of her very Jewish psychoanalyst. Really quite sweet and Annie Hall-esque, down to the bittersweet closing montage of Rafi and David's time together. The sprinkling of Jewishisms is more earnest (than in Allen fare) and contemporary with the Jewish hip hop soundtrack, and the mistaken identity plot is funny but not too embarrassing or uncomfortable. The moment of revelation isn't "Greek in scope"; it's quiet and stunned. Bryan Greenberg is just really, really, ridiculously good-looking, and Uma Thurman is charming in a way I haven't appreciated in the past. I love the scene with Morris having to hide in the closet, then being startled by the cat, then feeding the cat beer, then sneezing because he's allergic, and subsequently, giving himself away.

Kimmer S (fr) wrote: Talk about strange! It's listed unrated. I had to smile.

Sulaiman K (ru) wrote: Bakwas film of the year. Bullshit complete waste of time.

Paul J (br) wrote: An early Mizoguchi effort with timeless and heart-wrenching characters. Again, the imagery is transcendent.

Hollie T (jp) wrote: Not too crazy about this slasher and for some reason I had no previous knowledge of Christopher George having a role so it was a nice surprise.