Sex, Party and Lies

Sex, Party and Lies

A youth group is preparing for what will be the summer of their life, including secrets, lies, sex, confusion, evenings and holidays.

A youth group is preparing for what the summer of their lives will be, including secrets, lies, pickups, sex, confusion, and especially great night party. Most teenagers are not aware that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jesse k (au) wrote: This is a solid movie. Well acted, well directed, interesting location. And I like true crime movies just like I enjoy true crime books. This movie deserves a higher rating.

Rich A (kr) wrote: I did't bother to watch this - so, pah! I can only watch 1 horror film about Mirrors

David D (ru) wrote: Brilliant low budget film. Who needs actors being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds :-)

Dave J (mx) wrote: Thursday, February 28, 2013 (2008) Touching Home DRAMA Based on actual events from real life twins that works like a 'Sunday Afternoon Special' which involves sons tolerating their alcoholic father(Ed Harris) from the time they were young up until their adults. The father whose played by Ed Harris lies to them, steals from them for selfish reasons including gambling and boozing and they continue to forgive him each time. Near pointless experience when they're better films than this. 1 star out of 4

Brad B (es) wrote: great stephen king movie.

wild willie n (nl) wrote: damn - chalk up another movie i've always wanted to see ending up being a major piece of shit - DEADLY FRIEND was beyond a letdown. The only thing that MIGHT have saved it would have been a naked Kristy Swanson. Not even worth tuning in for the famed "basketball" scene. AVOID at all costs!

John Y (fr) wrote: You will laugh at this movie, until you can't laugh anymore.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Quite a light hearted giallo with little in the way of gore or nudity, which is surprising for the genre. Apart from that it lacks originality, and the mystery I solves within minutes due to some poor Italian dubbing decisions. But aside from that I was entertained, particularly with the character of Jill who was refreshing. Also some neat camera work and a soundtrack that could only have been produced in the 60s.

Stefan G (fr) wrote: It's not completely bad, but it's just really weird to me, and part of it is because I can't make sense of what's going on in the film. In this regard, this is because the film has such a boring atmosphere that it's difficult to follow the plot. The film's biggest problem is that it's technically outdated, and it even looks outdated. The plot isn't really bad, but it's boring, as are the characters. The performances aren't very special, mainly because the dated style of acting. Suffice it to say, everything about the film is very outdated, and, in the case of this film, that makes it harder to enjoy the film because there isn't much that could possibly make it interesting. It might be worth seeing once for curiosity's sake, but as far as I'm concerned, that's about it.

Ayrton Anthony C (kr) wrote: Grounghog Day te llega a atrapar tanto como el protagonista en el tiempo, aparte de una entretenida, divertida, original y creativa historia que te har pasar 100 fantsticos minutos.

max h (nl) wrote: Damn fine in every aspect.

Melanie D (gb) wrote: I find it quite difficult to empathise with a lead character in a rom com who ditches his perfectly nice wife to go lusting after a dance teacher, even if he is clearly in the grip of a mid-life crisis. Fortunately that embarrassing episode is over and done with fairly quickly. The supporting characters provide a few laughs but Richard Gere is bland, and I just found it difficult to care about what was happening in the story.

Eliane V (nl) wrote: Beautiful, heart touching but also rightful . I recommend to watch this!