Sex, Politics & Cocktails

Sex, Politics & Cocktails

Latin American filmmaker Sebastian Cortez (Julien Hernandez) is unable to commit to his girlfriend and, at age 30, finds himself alone and never in love in this irreverent comedy. On a mission to find the love of his life, he solicits help from his friend Daria (Marisa Petroro). When she acquaints Sebastian with her bevy of gay friends, he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime that includes makeovers for his penis and unusual threesomes.

Unable to tie the knot with his prozac captivated girlfriend, Cuban Filmmaker Sebastian Cortez, finds himself 30-years old and never in love. On his quest to finding..."The One!", Sebastian... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeannine H (us) wrote: Some really bad acting going on in this movie.

Brenda B (ag) wrote: A movie made for DVD rental only. I think that this film was worth watching. Some funny moments and the acting was pretty good.

Brendan N (ca) wrote: didn't really connect, snipes wasn't super interesting and rhames wasn't really a villain. easy to see why this film never connected with the audiences.

Annalee H (ru) wrote: Abbie Hoffman was a moron, but this is an interesting movie.

Shannon P (br) wrote: Hold p t the first, wish all the original characters would of stayed.

Steve W (us) wrote: When their brothers are struck down by the Manchu, five Shaolin brothers decide to hide out and train until they can defeat their oppressors. The movie doesn't have much in terms of story, but a climax full of fighting and a swell cast (Ti Lung, David Chiang, Leung Kar Yan, Fu Sheng, plus more) make it interesting.

Stuart K (de) wrote: Based upon the popular BBC comedy series created by Carry On writer Talbot Rothwell, Up Pompeii! headed for the big screen with a bigger scale and more smut and innuendo. Even now, it's one of the best TV to film transfers of this period, we need more comedies like this now, we were on top with stuff like this. Set in Pompeii, it has Roman slave Lurcio (Frankie Howerd) who is collection wine, food and slaves for a planned orgy by his master Ludicrus Sextus (Michael Hordern). However, while out, Lurcio has a run-in with Roman centurion Bilius (Lance Percival) and accidentally ends up with a scroll which unveils a plot to kill the Emperor Nero (Patrick Cargill), the first attempt to get the scroll back during the orgy doesn't go well, and then Ludricrus Sextus finds out about the plot, and now knows too much. The conspirators, Prosperus Maximus (Bill Fraser) and Voluptua (Julie Ege) plan to kill Sextus to keep him quiet, however it's up to slave Lurcio to save Sextus and stop Nero from being killed, but there's more to come, when nearby Mount Vesuvius starts erupting. There's some brilliant double entendres on display and alot of sex and nudity too, it's closer in tone to what the Confessions films did. Frankie is always hilarious, and it has a great cast including Roy Hudd, Hugh Paddick, Madeline Smith and Bernard Bresslaw

Arin D (us) wrote: Why do we lose the vibe as time goes on? Not just people, but places.. An addictive, mind-bending time capsule of a film, leaving one with the vague feeling of having lived (living?) in the wrong decade. A trifecta of drugs are consumed by two feckless flower children in Paris and Ibiza, pot, heroin, LSD; and then tragically, heroin again. Ibiza looks a magical hippie retreat: the drugs and sex are plentiful, the beaches deserted, and the rocks scoured clean for the naked bronzed bodies of the protagonists to be draped on them, like creatures of sand and sea, to be blown away by the end of the greatest decade.. This debut film - one of the few I knew to have been censored in France (!) - was probably Barbet Schroeder's best.

Stig Ove V (es) wrote: Jerry Reed is incredible!

Allan C (ru) wrote: The politics of the film are pretty screwy in it's celebration of the Confederacy bravely killing indians. Errol Flynn plays a rebel leader who takes a troop out west in a last ditch effort to turn the tide in the waning days of the civil war. SPOILER ALERT! The rebs bravely die killing a bunch of native people, to which the union cavalry arriving later raise the rebel flag on a hill in honor of the brave defenders of slavery. Still, Flynn is quite good and more rugged than usual and a good supporting cast that includes Patrice Wymore and Slim Pickens,

Brad S (ru) wrote: To me, it's just the perfect movie for what it's trying to be. Taking place on the last day of school in 1976, it follows several characters along as they contemplate what's next. Featuring a ton of future stars including of course Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Joey Lauren Adams, Cole Hauser, Milla Jovovich, Adam Goldberg, Rory Cochrane and more. It also has a killer soundtrack. Check it out!

Josh H (jp) wrote: I really don't know how to say that it's the most absurd and ridiculous, yet, it's probably the most enjoyable of all the original Star Trek movies. I don't fully understand how it all worked out, but I had fun watching them try to explain and solve the problem.

Jacques P (ag) wrote: I don't even know how anyone with sense would watch this. Or anyone at all.