Sex Pot

Sex Pot

“Half Baked” meets “Superbad” in this hilarious comedy following two young losers whose lives are unexpectedly turned upside down when they find some marijuana that has aphrodisiacal side effects. After deciding to use the wacky weed to their advantage, the guys meet an array of pot-loving beauties.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   party,   drugs,  

Two potheads find a stash of weed that makes women very horny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zachary V (es) wrote: The story and dialogue didn't punch as hard as the character.

Mike S (jp) wrote: A really well made nostalgic look at Italia '90. With a subject matter like that it was always going to be enjoyable and the juxtaposition of the issues with the supporters and the football action works really well. Following the damp squib that was the 2010 World Cup, it was great to be reminded of how much the players used to care. Plus I got excited to see Steve Bull in a properly made film. My only criticism is the choice of Gary Oldman as narrator. Especially when he was describing the football action, his voice didn't quite fit. Other than that a top effort. As an aside - the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. I never thought I'd see Kennedy by The Wedding Present accompanying the genius of Gazza on screen. But it works. It really works.

micheal G (mx) wrote: I will not watch this film, we really need some better critics as i have found 99percent of them only give good criticism if its a soppy love film, or something along those lines. I have never seen a good action or comedy get good marks by critics. Why because there not the average person and this goes for games, food and other things aswell.

Wes L (au) wrote: This is not a great film- it lacks the scope to really be a compelling documentary and it ends right when it seems to be going somewhere- but this is an interesting look at how racism still greatly effects American life.

Curt M (au) wrote: This is the kind of movie I root for. It's an indie flick with an earnest feel, but in the end fumbles around and really doesn't know what it wants to be. Among who knows what else, it's a best friends road trip film. I tried but could never mentally separate the two characters or clearly understand their motivation or direction. I had to conclude that the character development left something to be desired. Indie films often feel this way, but in the end, the best ones somehow solidify and seem to have a point (a story, or some kind of meaning). While I enjoyed some of the individual scenes, in the end this film collapses because it doesn't have much coherence. Three stars are the best I can offer.

Marc L (jp) wrote: A tous ceux qui apprcieraient une touche d'exotisme dans le crneau du film d'anticipation, "2033 : Future apocalypse" leur tend les bras. Malheureusement, en dpit de la lgitime curiosit qu'on peut prouver l'gard de toute forme de science-fiction non anglo-saxonne, le rsultat se montre franchement peu convaincant. On se doute que la science-fiction mexicaine doit cruellement manquer de moyens : en tmoignent ces visions d'un Mexico futuriste peine agrment de quelques zeppelins tout moches en CGI, ainsi que les costumes, furieusement kitsch. Ce qui est moins excusable, c'est qu'elle manque aussi d'ides. Si, par de rares aspects, cette dystopie rend hommage ses origines (L'glise n'est pas ici un pouvoir d'oppression mais bien de libert, en rfrence une certaine tradition historique mexicaine), "2033 : Future apocalypse" se contente de rabcher paresseusement les clichs du genre: le pouvoir et la science qui marchent main dans la main, la drogue qui annihile le libre arbitre, la rcriture de l'histoire, la socit divise en castes. Pour ne rien arranger, une fois subis quelques spcimens de hros vraiment trs hroques et les assauts de sentiments fort gluants, le doute n'est plus permis : on est bien face une Tlnovela d'anticipation !

JY S (au) wrote: Alejandro Lozano's Sultans of the South starts off well, but fizzles out by its conclusion.Even with a run time just under 90 minutes, the plot struggles along to get there. The first 20 minutes or so is actually the highlight, as the characters pull off a nicely planned bank heist. The story then moves on to the after-effects of closing out the deal. This is where things slowly go south. The characters, while cool and impressive during the heist, aren't as amusing as everything else unfolds.There is action scattered throughout and there is nothing overly impressive about it. The camerawork tends to get shaky during these moments with the need to add intensity, but ultimately it obscures more than anything else.Tony Dalton is chosen as the lead of the film; however he is the least amusing of the bunch. The likes of Jordi Molla, Silverio Palacios, and Ana de la Reguera provide more spark to the film than Dalton.Sultans of the South isn't a bad film. It just sounds and looks better than it actually plays out, although the twist at the end is a nice touch.

Harry D (ru) wrote: Not the best dog movie out there, but still a wonderful, heartwarming furry adventure! The dogs are great and the human actors were a pleasant touch with good talent.

Terri D (nl) wrote: i am of irish heritige so was interested int his film....loved it got quite emotionally involved until bad weather stoped sky working so missed the end. am going to buy it today just to see the last 10mins but think it will b worth it

Gerardo C (gb) wrote: Ni el regreso de Dudikoff salva a esta pelcula.

Grant H (es) wrote: Pretty good movie. Funny, suspenseful, good performances from its cast, especially White. Pretty good backwater Maine Jaws.

Berni E (kr) wrote: "Fighting for civil rights is important" - as true today as it was in 1947!! I did not know this story before seeing this film.