Sex Stories

Sex Stories

Good eating, nice company and lots of sex - how could the evening possibly turn out any better? Four sexy women meet for dinner and share their most intimate secrets: Agathe seduces her daughter's young boyfriend, while Lise has never experienced the joy of having an orgasm - up until now that is... Later we also join the gentlemen at their dinner as they share their stories of sex. A fresh and original film with explicit scenes of sex - get ready for an evening that will be arousing, informative and entertaining!

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Sex Stories torrent reviews

Jerry L (ru) wrote: For whoever edits the movies, this movie doesn't have the wrestler rey mysterio, it has a guy with the last name spelled with an "I" not a "Y". so please update it correctly.

Judith B (de) wrote: trs bon! pour ceux qui veulent quelque chose de diffrent.

Louise L (mx) wrote: This movie was actually really sweet. I thought Amy Adams seemed a bit cloying at first as Delysia Lafosse, but as a character she is supposed to be childish, stylised and affected, and as the story unfolds she develops real warmth. I found her endearing. She clearly modeled her performance on Marilyn Monroe, twee voice and all. Tom Payne, Mark Strong and Lee Pace are all fun to watch as the competing love interests, although Pace's accent is flawed. Ciaran Hinds is impressive as Miss Pettigrew's would-be beau, and there's a really nice moment when the war planes fly overhead and she says to him "they don't remember the last one." Unfortunately, Frances McDormand is the real letdown in a film which obviously hinges on her performances. I love her, but her accent is just atrocious, and she stumbles over it constantly. Like a lot of American actors, she seems to think a British accent is about crisp pronunciation of every single consonant. Consequently, McDorman sounds awkward, forced and silly, and I found myself cringing with embarrassment on her behalf. The accent spoils her performance, and it's not plausible that Joe (Ciaran Hinds) would fall for her. Otherwise, the plot is a lot of fun and the sets, music and costumes are seriously beautiful. It's like watching a play. If you don't expect too much, you'll enjoy this.

Fred C (mx) wrote: Sweet and to the point :)

Angela G (de) wrote: if i was a gay boy i think i would identify more. yet, i could identify with the awkwardness. i am a big fan of the techniques and styles used during filming, the soundtrack was awesome, but it fell a little short. i still laugh when i think of the telephone scenes though... sort of a "Welcome to the Dollhouse" for 13 yr old gay awkward boys.

Noel K (nl) wrote: A social commentary on the destructive nature of the 'money' culture, set in the after math of the 1998 'Asian Contigation' that brought down the Thai economy. Tum (the beautiful Lalita Panyopas) the protagonist comes to terms with her moral self over the value of money after a series of gruesome episodes of blood letting (with bodies being piled up in her apartments), all of it stemming from a case of mistaken numbering on her apartment door (the title). The characters are great with hilarious performances filled with black humor.

Art S (nl) wrote: ending sucked! other than that, it was pretty fucking hilarious

Dario R (au) wrote: Noir gangster western is the best way to describe this film. Every since this movie was released it has been on my watch list, finally got around to it 17 years later.Overall it's a pretty good film; not much depth to it. Just a good old fashioned shoot m' up. Bruce Williis and Christopher Walken are pretty bad ass in the film. Though I thought the film soundtrack was terrible, and on the cheesy side. Why they chose to use a synthesizer in a movie set in Texas is beyond me. Good move to watch if it comes on cable.

Anthony W (es) wrote: It may be a little cheesy, but I love it. Sid is th emost evil villian I have ever seen. Sid is not insane, just evil.

James K (us) wrote: More comedic than its predecessor, 'Yojimbo', yet equally entertaining. Toshiro Mifune is, as always, a joy to watch.

Cyrus C (au) wrote: AWSOME I SAW THE MUSIC VIEDO 2

Lotti K (nl) wrote: This movie makes no fucking sense. At it's as scary as my pinky toe.

Michael C (ag) wrote: Slick thriller. Well shot, great cast and good action beats. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride.