Sexaholix... A Love Story

Sexaholix... A Love Story

"John Leguizamo's Sexaholix... a love story marks the Emmy winner's return to HBO with his fourth solo special, an autobiographical performance directed by Marty Callner...explores personal topics such as his relationships with women and his complicated family dynamics...his story from childhood to fatherhood through a variety of characters."

John Leguizamo returns to HBO in this one-man stage show to examine the world's most intimate act! SEXAHOLIX is an affectionate tale of the comic's path to maturation and the women who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex P (gb) wrote: I saw it, so you don't have to. I found not one actor in this film believable. Not the main cast, not the cops, the guy working the register at the sub shop. avoid.

Andrew W (kr) wrote: I figure it's about time I took a good ol speil into the Madness. I don't have much to say, so I'll just reccomend a wrestling DVD to you. If you are a fan of the WWE, I suggest you pick up the 3-disc compilation of the Undertaker's greatest moments in [i]Tombstone: The Complete History of the Undertaker. [/i]If for nothing else, the legendary Hell in the Cell match against Mankind at KOTR 1998 is worth the price, sure it's just one long spotfest, but it's an exciting one, and you will not only appreciate Taker more, but you will realize that Mick Foley is perhaps the greatest person to ever live. Foley is God, indeed. Also, Bobby Heenan's commentary during Taker's 1991 Survivor Series win over Hulk Hogan is pretty damn funny. That's all for now. Watch TNA Impact on Spike TV, Saturday nights at 11 on Spike TV. Try to find an X-Division match, if you can. Untill next time, I remain [font=Impact][size=3]weaver [font=Verdana][size=2]Send all complaints to Alternate Reality WCW, care of David Arquette, 59-time WCW Champion.[/size][/font] [/size][/font]

Derek B (jp) wrote: Kind of a hybrid of melodrama, spaghetti western, and musical with the bonus of occasional very ample splashes of gore in the style of early Peter Jackson movies... really quite wonderful! Memorably sumptuous mise en scene gives it a unique look: marvellous use of colour. (Use of scenery, props, costumes, filters and lighting are all beautifully co-ordinated.) Some utterly mad camera angles, shots through coins, illogical-but-fun panning shots and sudden wipes and pans: it's a real bundle of tricks. The story is pretty silly on the whole but it doesn't matter. This is not quite up to the standard of Park Chan Wook's stuff but in the same sort of territory. Definitely worth a watch.

Mraq B (ru) wrote: It's slow, it feels empty. But it has it's fun parts

Alexis C (ca) wrote: this movie is awesome!!!!

Caroline B (nl) wrote: I have to be honest, I expected too much from this film. Maybe that was unfair of me. All of the components were there: 70's Altman, Depression-era, Shelly Duvall, a Tewkesbury script...and yet I found myself bored and dulled by the uninspired characters and lack of sharp social commentary I come to expect from Altman of this period, and in general. The heavy-handed motif of the quilt is shockingly Old Hollywood and would seem to come out of some b&w gangster film starring James Cagney.The value I take from this film exists only as it contrasts with the statements of that other New Hollywood crime drama, Bonnie and Clyde, which is that the romantic, glamorous, exciting lifestyle of the earlier film is contradicted by the bleak realism, frayed monotony and simple-minded characters we are presented with in Thieves Like Us. What redeems this film is the careful and crafty production design(I particularly liked the shack Bowie and Keetchie hole up in, which is lined with WWI sheet music), as well as the sound design featuring scads of old radio broadcasts. Indeed, a film student could easily craft a mediocre paper on the role of the radio in this movie. I would probably not rewatch this film, and Altman, to me, is all about re-watchability.

MEC r (jp) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Nik M (kr) wrote: So depressing and hopeless, Mirage is strictly set on the saddening truth of the European suburbs and the life that seems to be absent in the new generation. Heartbreaking and moody.

Billy R (gb) wrote: Genuinely exciting John Wayne submarine movie. One of the best I've watched recently.

Greg W (fr) wrote: This is a decent movie, but I admit to being baffled by its inclusion in discussions of Mizoguchi's best work, let alone the greatest films of all-time.

monsieur r (gb) wrote: Way ahead of its time, this moderately placed film is probably more true than any of us would like to believe. Girls get ahead not by their knowledge, but by their looks (imagine THAT!). Baby Face is proof of this as our lead ruins one man after another. A heavily censored film by NY. A young woman uses her body and her sexuality to help her climb the social ladder, but soon begins to wonder if her new status will ever bring her happiness. Coaxed on by an old friend interested in a German philoshopher who advises aggressive methods, then crush and destroy. Baby Face, the title, actually comes from the mouth of none other than John Wayne, a small bit player as one of the many loves of Baby Face. You actually hear him say Baby Face for the first time in the film. He looked pretty handsome to me and you know my mug is not handsome. This dvd is taken from a set of a set highlighting the more sensuous years of early Hollywood, when there were no rules. A forerunner of films today, these black and white classics paved the way for the intensly graphic sexual scenes we are forced to watch today. The music score, St. Louis Woman, is played constantly to the point of sickness. NOTES about the film: 1 "Baby Face", the title, actually comes from the mouth of none other than John Wayne, a small bit player as one of the many loves of Baby Face. 2 Taglines: "She climbed the ladder of success - wrong by wrong!" 3 In 2004, a "dupe negative" copy of the film as it existed prior to being censored was located at the Library of Congress. This uncensored version received its public premiere at the London Film Festival in November 2004, more than 70 years after it was made. 4 one of the most outrageous pre-Code releases of the early 1930s Some dialog from the film: 1 Lily Powers: "Yeah, I'm a tramp, and who's to balme? My Father. A swell start you gave me. Ever since I was fourteen, what's it been? Nothing but men! Dirty rotten men! And you're lower than any of them. I'll hate you as long as I live!" 2 Lily Powers: "Of course, if Fuzzy Wuzzy really wants to give me something, he could put a few more pennies in my bank account." J.P. Carter: "My Dear, ask me something difficult." :) Stars: Barbara Stanwyck ... Lily Powers George Brent ... Courtland Trenholm Donald Cook ... Ned Stevens Alphonse Ethier ... Adolf Cragg Henry Kolker ... J.P. Carter Margaret Lindsay ... Ann Carter Arthur Hohl ... Ed Sipple John Wayne ... Jimmy McCoy Jr. Director: Alfred E. Green Writers: Gene Markey (screenplay), Kathryn Scola (screenplay)

Russ B (nl) wrote: 12/31/2016: Meh. I few good scenes and generally a good story. The story wasn't developed enough which obviously took away from the movie. Could have been great, but ended up being disappointing.

Ivan C (mx) wrote: Re-watched this movie. First time I thought it was great. Second time, not so much. I guess my knowledge in story writing has improved since then. :vThe soundtrack is still freakin' awesome though. (y)

Randy R (jp) wrote: I have to say this movie was funny. I never seen James Garner movie before. And this movie my first James Garner movie I seen. Jack Elam was funny to.