Shaban El Fares

Shaban El Fares

A weak personality father trying to prove to his son that he's courageous, so he decided to join a TV Show about courage, and he faced a lot of crisis in a comic way.

A weak personality father trying to prove to his son that he's courageous, so he decided to join a TV Show about courage, and he faced a lot of crisis in a comic way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dailiesel M (de) wrote: wake up people this is amazing movie for this actors great job hell yeah..i love it~

Max G (ca) wrote: The first was touristsThe second was HuntersThe third was law enforcement All were bloody gory and great fun! Low budget horror at its best!

Peter H (gb) wrote: Too artsy for its own good. I didn't really get the "spoof" vibe. It was difficult to follow but the sex scenes were grotesque yet somehow hot! The dialogue tried to be smart but seemed to just regurgitate passages from an old sociology textbook. I hope this is the beginning of a wild genre that already exhibits MUCH potential!

William M (kr) wrote: Holy Camp Hell this was awful. I signed up for a RT account if only to warn any unsuspecing viewer that watching this movie causes colon pain and gout. I'm a B-movie guy. This was bad. Do not watch it. Perhaps you will watch it delusional you'll find it silly how ankle-grabbing bad this movie is but you won't because ads for Snickers candy bars or auto insurance or Pravastatin have more charistima. T-shirts with cats and mottos on them written, "hang in there" are more appealing although, I guess, that is what team "camp hell" told each other as they discovered that their baby is ugly, it's a Turd.

Marcus Y (es) wrote: I'm not ashamed to say that I own this trashy, horrid excuse for a zombie film. Even though I watched it strictly for Robert England first time round, the absolutely ridiculous story line and piss poor acting, coupled with effects that; at times, made Syfy look good, made me watch it again. Even though some parts where just plain nasty and others so boring that death probably would have been preferable to the individual watching, I found myself in hysterics at how bad the film actually was, and how much I still managed to adore Robert in this role. Horrible movie, yes, but god is it a great laugh.

Stevenson M (es) wrote: The story was ridiculously stupid and most of all, freaking boring. I cannot even finish it.

yvind E (it) wrote: Hmmm. Bde og her, men Ron Jeremy er sannelig noe for seg selv. Det verste er at han har en god porsjon karisma, og faktisk mlitt skuespillertalent. ? bruke ham i en mainstreamfilm kunne vrt et lurt stunt.

Reno V (au) wrote: "THE PURPLE RHINO... MUST DIE!"- 'Death To Smoochy' is a 2002 black comedy directed and starred by Danny DeVitto (Mathilda, Batman Returns). I have mixed feelings about this film about stars in children entertainment shows, in one way I really like the idea; while in another way I absolutely don't. There are too many irritating moments. A same, because next to DeVitto we see talented actors Edward Norton (American History X, Fight Club), Robin Williams (Jumanji, Dead Poets Society), Catherine Keener (Captain Philips, Capote) and Pam Ferris (Mathilda, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). When the popular children television star Rainbow Randolph (Williams) is caught red-handed for making corrupt deals with parents for their children to appear on his show, his program gets cancelled. It's up to producer Nora Wells (Keener) to find a new star. She runs across Sheldon Mopes (Norton) and his character Smoochy the purple Rhino. With the help of his newly found agent Burke Bennett (DeVitto) Mopes signs the contract. It doesn't take long before he becomes the biggest star in children entertainment, but Rainbow Randolph is jealous and schemes an evil plan to get rid of the purple Rhino...

Steven C (mx) wrote: Aww,,, shut up its Christmas

Brad B (de) wrote: Forgettable movie nice to see Jack in a movie but him and Michael Caine keep trying to outdo each other, and alot of acting is over the top. But not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. And J-Lo is hot.

Marc R (jp) wrote: Shot entirely in black and white this is the darkest and most nightmarish of the BRD Trilogy films tracing the final days of fictitious wartime film star Voss in postwar West Germany.

James M (ca) wrote: Akira Kurosawa's samurai epic begins in 16th century war-torn Japan.A petty thief is hired as the double of a samurai warlord and upon the warlord's death, must stand in his place to keep the army's morale from dying.Kurosawa's movies were a huge influence to George Lucas and Star Wars, to which Lucas stumped up some of the cash to co-produce this movie. At nearly 3 hours long it's a difficult slog to get through and doesn't hold interest as well as the director's best work (The Seven Samurai), but the film is alive with colour, great costumes and spectacular visuals and is faithful to the traditionalism, honour and loyalty of the samurai way.Many scenes are hypnotically inert, but when the battles scenes do come, it's well worth the wait.

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: The 3rd film I have seen of Ozu. Even though I still think Tokyo Story is his greatest, this one is not far behind. Probably, my favorite scene is the "lighting of the cigarette" in the near end of the film. I really loved the music score, and the "argument in the rain" scene!

Barry M (ca) wrote: Wonderful movie. Great light, sharp, out of focus, dark and bright glinting dresses and the classic hula lamp... Don't miss.

Karen J (fr) wrote: When I was little, I loved all the Charlie Chan mystery movies, so I had to add them

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Lee O (au) wrote: Enjoyable romcom. Justin and Mila are ridiculously good looking. Fun to watch though.

Kaleb S (ca) wrote: Sweet mother of God, this movie was so bad. It's hour and a half run time felt like I was eternally trapped in the phantom zone.

Brian S (nl) wrote: Y'all want too know what's better than an alien film? An erotic alien film, wich "Species" delivers a satisfying amount of, but the story itself isn't too be taken too seriously. It's got good performances by good actors, and the special effects are descent, even though they could've done a better job on some of the CGI, but, Sil still manages to be quite scary. The music is very good and eerie too. But I do have to hand it out to Felix Vasquez Jr., that the ending is pretty silly and unecessary, but it's still a descent flick. Recommended !!

Henry R (br) wrote: I don't think it was such a bad movie, despite all the other reviews, its just the start that really bothers me.