Shabdavedi is about Sandeep Rajkumar, a strict police officer crusading against narcotics. The man is so straight that when his wife Jaya Prada refuses to reveal the identity of a key link in the drug ring that he is investigating. He beats her in lockup. Eventually he overcomes all the usual attempts to throw him off the chase like tarnishing his reputation and implicating him in lock-up death cases and tracks the ring down to its last man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarfara A (it) wrote: Zarafa French animated film directed by Rmi Bezanon and Jean-Christophe Lie. An old man narrates the story of Maki a young boy who escapes from an slave trader. He finds a baby giraffe whose mother was shot dead by slave-trader, and he names her 'Zarafa' (an Arabic name for giraffe). Maki earlier promised to dying mother of Zarafa, to look after her baby giraffe - an Arab horse-rider takes hold of Zarafa in a bid to present it as a gift from the Egyptian viceroy Muhammad Ali Pasha to France's King Charles X, in hope that the Gallic monarch will help liberate Alexandria, which has been occupied by the Turks. The movie has distorted the historical facts. In fact Ottoman viceroy to Egypt Muhammad Ali Pasha was asked by Sultan Mahmud II to send a rare giraffe to French monarch, in an effort to please him, whose country was supporting Greeks. 2 BIGGEST PROPAGANDA IN THIS FILM 1. It's popular phobia of Europeans to yell as much as they can, when someone shows them back - this animation movie seemed a propaganda film to educate young and adults with negative perspective about Turkey (this should be considered biggest crime in film industry to misuse great art of cinema and later distort historical facts to one's own expectations). 2. When Hassan fetches Zarafa and kid to a tent-man in mid of desert, he tells Hassan, that cows are from Tibet! Upon questioning by Hassan regarding 'what's Tibet'? The eccentric man replies, 'it's a big country!'. No sooner did I hear this, my attention for movie expired and I knew what was ahead in the movie for me and the innocent audience of Europe, who find films the only source to learn about things. Excuse me, but I still wanna demonstrate the facts that China has been most famous in the Muslim/Arab world for centuries - the great evidence should be the famous saying of Islamic Prophet Muhammad PBUH from 571-633 "Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China" In those days China was considered farthest land in the world, famous travelers would sail to China or India. So, how come Mr. Rmi Bezanon thought a man in desert living with two cows, know that Tibet is a biggest country? Such people should be brought on stage and bombarded with factual questions on distorting history to their advantage. NOTE: Excuse me if this review offends anyone!

Spencer S (gb) wrote: The deepest emotions are explored in this tragic drama: love, grief, the joy of parenthood, the depth of music, and the capacity of the human heart. The story follows Elise and Didier, who fall in love, sing in a country western band, love America but not their policies on stem cell research, have a child, get married, and deal with their daughter's illness as best they can. The story grasps at every emotion in the spectrum, and plunges deep into the heart to get the viewer's response. Threading through a story told mostly in flashbacks are performances of country western music, and we piece together a picture of their love story, and the gloomy ending of said story. It's a beautiful film that makes me tear up, as I write about it. This is not a film for the faint of heart, easily identifiable as a tearjerker and a musical masterpiece.

Niels S (ru) wrote: Nsten lige s god som 1'eren, men ogs kun nsten. Under alle omstndigheder uendelig meget bedre end de fleste amerikanske krimier skret over samme lst.

Angie T (gb) wrote: Can't get over how hot Denise Richards (still) is!~

Eitan A (it) wrote: Some good and some bad...overall, I enjoyed it. Ed Harris was "interesting" as Beethoven - some of the dialogue was very well done.

Devin H (ru) wrote: I didn't think there would ever be a Highlander flick worse than the original version of The Quickening or Endgame. Yet somehow, they succeeded in destroying both the movie and TV canon in one smooth stroke. This series DESPERATELY needs a reboot.

Robert I (fr) wrote: This is the REAL Sesame Street movie!

Ryan H (nl) wrote: It fails to live up to the original, but Halloween II is still just as scary and intense. The kills are just as brutal, and Michael Myers is still terrifying. Donald Pleasence brings the same subtle strength to his performance, and the final showdown is expertly done.

Jonathan P (mx) wrote: It starts out really well but then fades quick. It made me interested in learning about the Zulu people but that was about it. The main issue is you aren't sure who the good guys are. It is obvious that you are supposed to be rooting against the English but it is hard to be sympethetic for the war crazed Zulus as well, so you never really are involved with the two fighting fractions. Also the fighting sequences were so unrealistic it hut (how long does it take to run 10 feet? The Zulus took at least 5 min to move 10 feet to attack the English who were shooting them). 2 stars is not to say this was a bad movie butfor its genere it did not live up to the standards of other great war epics.

Stella D (nl) wrote: i wasn't aware resnais had made english language films but this is a fine example. wonderful cast including john gielgud as a wicked novelist in his waning years contorting his family into characters for his latest book, and dirk bogarde as his eldest son, whose relationship with his father seems strained at best. one of resnais' typically experimental structures, using imagination, flashbacks and dreams to explore time and memory. very enjoyable

Adrian M (mx) wrote: "In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed. They producedd Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they "