Shack Out on 101

Shack Out on 101

A greasy spoon diner provides a base for a spy smuggling nuclear secrets.

At an isolated, seaside greasy-spoon cafe live George, the sarcastic owner; Slob, the potentially violent cook; and Kotty, the sexy waitress all the men lust after. Plus an occasional ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan G (mx) wrote: Interesting because it shows the inner-dealings of what goes on in Black Rock, Nevada to make Burning Man happen every year. Since 1995 I've wanted to go. I hope this is the year I make it. If you're not interested in Burning Man, you'll probably find this fairly boring even though it's filled with a lot of crazy dressed (or un-dressed) people. It got an extra half a star because it's a topic I enjoy.

Tyler L (fr) wrote: Simply amazing. From the first frame, your mind is exploding at the amazing visuals. This movie alone makes me proud to be canadian

Ann S (br) wrote: ambigious, rambling, unresolved, offbeat .. the other reviewers got it right. absolutely agree that it has an amazing open sequence - i see many people wandering around with xxxx and wonder about their safety, you'll see what i mean. the main actor has NAILED the cop walk, talk, mannerisms, attitude, even the way he says his name sounds like the surname is in capital letters. not exactly entertaining or particulary enlightening, but VERY interesting.

JoseLuis K (au) wrote: Aunque no es mejor que Dogville ... pero Lars Von Trier lo logro otra vez

Stephen E (ca) wrote: While "Snow Day" may evoke memories of past childhood experiences, it is well below average in terms of filmmaking. The plot is familiar and the acting is greatly sub-par, but it's all in good fun. "Snow Day" is most certainly not a good movie, but it's fairly harmless.

James C (kr) wrote: Everything about this movie was awful. The sound track for example just didn't seem like it fit this movie. The dialogue seemed like they just made it up as they went along. The visuals were actually quite good, so I guess there was one thing that wasn't awful. The interaction between the "martian" and the human's in the end was so utterly cheesy that I actually laughed out loud. I don't think that's the reaction that De Palma was shooting for. I really wanted to like this movie, it had a great cast and I love sic-fi movies, but alas, the combination of horrible dialogue, terrible sound track, and cheese just made this movie unbearable.

M S (mx) wrote: You know, really, this is not the typical film I would normally view. As a new Film Movement subscriber, however, I purchased this movie because it looked good. I believe it was, even if predictable. I probably liked it more because this was a Norwegian film, and not a goofy American. I rarely enjoy a love story but this one was quite good. Buddy films are usually a bore for me, but I felt envious of this crowd and wished I could be their pal as well. The acting was quite good. The pop music was fresh. And this film will be hard to rent or find anywhere.

Paul B (ca) wrote: Wouldn't have been so bad had it not accumulated such tremendous talent for what might've been an enjoyably forgettable affair.

Chris C (es) wrote: Aided by superb direction from Peter Jackson and a great lead performance from Michael J. Fox, The Frighteners delivers genuine wickedly scary humor and some terrific visual effects along with a somewhat poignant storyline.

Rob L (fr) wrote: Pretty dumb movie. Only bought it cause it was a dollar and Jesse Ventura was in it. Ventura is cool, but every aspect of the movie is garbage.

Ivonne K (ag) wrote: Sorry, no just not...Maybe is me but personally i could not handle to watch it all...the begining was pretty interesting but when the story changes to the mestiza woman something told me to expect and opera soap. So sorry but i had seen a lot of this kind of movies and just no, didnt brought me something else, and was pretty slow with bad performances...

Noah A (br) wrote: The trilogy could of be better if Guillermo del Toro did all of them because this is the best of the three. B

Vincent P (ru) wrote: Embrace of the Vampire 2013 (cause Flixster can't keep original and remake separate): The whole thing feels underfunded and unfinished.

DeAndre W (us) wrote: Freddy is at his most funny, clever, and inventive here

Isadore H (au) wrote: Ron Perlman is a perfect fit for Hellboy, a strange creature who fights paranormal entities. This was a very well done movie, it just fell a little short in terms of an engaging script and could've used a little more action or at least slightly better special effects, but since it was made in 2004, there were limits to how much could be done. Overall, Hellboy is easily a movie I'd recommend but it could be improved on.

max h (br) wrote: Oh so bad, but in a ridiculously enjoyable way. The supporting characters have a ball as the Punisher is the boring one.