Shades of Darkness

Shades of Darkness

Shades of Darkness is the story of a young woman named Bridget Avers, Anne C. Trebilcock, who returns to her home town of Autumn Hills to discover a threatening Entity, John Maczko attempting to wipe out the entire population.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Shades of Darkness is the story of a young woman named Bridget Avers, Anne C. Trebilcock, who returns to her home town of Autumn Hills to discover a threatening Entity, John Maczko ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Camille L (fr) wrote: Impossible de s'attendre a voir un film aussi reussi, aussi touchant et surtout aussi drole, de la part d'un realisateur qui s'enfonce trop souvent dans la vulgarite crasse. Le duo d'acteur principal est absolument fantastique, les autres acteurs ramassent les miettes avec talent et on evite les cliches inherents a ce genre.

Brad W (es) wrote: If you want to see Samuel L Jackson in perhaps his greatest performance, in his prime, check this out. Everytime you sit down to watch a boxing movie, you can't help but think this will be shit compared to Rocky. The story was actually pretty cool, true story or not and their were a number of underlining themes which made the story were deep. Hartnett was ok, not really a big fan, never seems to shine, just seems to be there.

John M (es) wrote: A film that tries to cram so many ideas into its brief running time but somehow ends up being slow and largely un-interesting. SOme good performances here but too underplayed and not attaining the dizzying hights of films like Magnolia and Short Cuts!

Gai L (au) wrote: The Number One movie for Horse Racing lovers!!

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review:I was expecting more from this film because the end fight in the first Police Story was great but I was a bit disappointed with the outcome. The action scenes were impressive and I enjoyed the beginning of the film but I lost interest once Chan went undercover. The first part of the movie is about Chan (Ka Kui) fighting off the villains from the first movie who are seeking revenge. After handing in his badge because his captain is unhappy with the disruption that he is costing the city with his antics, Chan gets called back to the force to solve a case about a group of blackmailing bombers. With his relationship in turmoil because he has gone back to the force, he tackles the many hitmen so he can reach the culprit who is causing the city problems. Like the first movie, I did like watching Chan going nuts against the many enemies who battle against him but the movie did seem to drag after a while. Some of the stunts weren't bad and the epic showdown towards the end is worth a watch but it does take some time to get going. At the end of the day, it's another disappointing movie from Chan but I have seen worse from his back catalogue. Average!Round-Up:Like the first Police Story, this movie was also directed by Jackie Chan who also wrote it with Edward Tang. The bonus material on the DVD, really does show how far Chan goes to get the perfect shot so you do appreciate the action scenes a bit more. I personally find a problem with most of his storylines but I must be alone with that thought because his movies make so much money. He has definitely got a reputation of being a perfectionist, because of his detailed action scenes and complex storylines but I'm yet to find his humour that funny. With that aside, I'm enjoying the martial arts genre and I can't wait to watch some of the earlier movies.I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/comedy/crime/martial arts movies starring and directed by Jackie Chan & Maggie Cheung. 3/10

Rick Q (it) wrote: the very end drops the ball a little, but up until that moment, bull wilder's "love in the afternoon" has enough charm, humor, and sentiment to please almost any fan of classic cinema.

Jonathan B (fr) wrote: There's nothing quite like an old school Biblical classic from the 1950s to evoke those old feelings of nostalgia for childhood Sunday afternoons. Demetrius and the Gladiators fulfils that role completely as it has all the stereotypes required for such a movie. The film is a sequel to The Robe and picks up right from where that story leaves off. Starring Victor Mature as the eponymous Greek forced into the gladiatorial arena, it is a technicolor, bouffant haired, sword and sandal tale that's not really an epic. Truth be told, it's a rather shallow tale and Mature makes for an uncharismatic lead. The hoard of 50s beefcake actors struggle to look anything more than camp and rather sorry these days and this is especially true of Mature who seems to have his features re-chiselled into a slightly more improbable semblance of a relevant emotion each time he's not in frame. The rather tepid Susan Hayward makes for an unconvincing femme fatal as the scheming Messalina and Debra Paget's Lucia is woefully boring. The mood is lightened however by the fleeting presence of Michael Rennie as the disciple Peter (who wisely nips off to see to some business in Galilee for most of the movie) and the gloriously over the top Jay Robinson as the bonkers Caligula. He is marvellous in this role and it is easy to forget that he only played this part twice as his performance as the mad emperor is so ingrained in my mind. The voice, the cloak clutching and the swooshing around the columns makes him like some malevolent, golden sandalled imp out to bring mayhem and havoc to the Roman empire. He's a silent movie villain trapped in a technicolor age and brightens up an otherwise rather dull movie no end.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: for its time not bad

Kurt M (us) wrote: Not even a topless Alyssa Milano can save this boring and mediocre film.

Jack P (jp) wrote: A throughly good horror film with a somewhat sense of originality. This film carried classic horror elements such as the typical isolated town, suspense and a crazy killer. Highly creepy in parts and damn right disturbing, jeepers creepers made for a great hour and a half worth of horror.

(br) wrote: Horrid ! The acting, the script, the actors - all terrible. It had the look, sound and feel of bunch of wannabee film school drop-outs who are so full of themselves, they can't see how truly bad they really are.I made it 15 minutes and had to turn it off or risk power-spewing my supper all over the living room.The Librarians is a horrible TV show, but it is head and shoulders above this movie. Ugh, the more I think about it the more my supper tries to cme back up.

Kristen P (us) wrote: A lovely sequel, I'm still crushing hard on Bill Nighy.