Shadow Builder

Shadow Builder

A demon is summoned to take the soul of a young boy who has the potential to become a saint. By doing this he will open a doorway to hell and destroy the world.

A demon is summoned to take the soul of a young boy who has the potential to become a saint. By doing this he will open a doorway to hell and destroy the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shadow Builder torrent reviews

Thomas B (jp) wrote: If like the first two ,will enjoy the this one . More political undertones this time A nasty film but in a good way. ??

Dan T (es) wrote: This is, by far, one of the most clever horror movies of all time.

Debbie M (ca) wrote: I am SO sorry I rented this movie. Preposterous plot, science, premise! I can not believe that Murphy, Davison and LaSalle wasted their time with this film. I didn't expect much, but this was so much worse than those expectations. The only redeemable thing about it is the acting. While not stellar, they tried their best. With such terrible material, directing and plot foundation, it's surprising how good the actors were. Cheesy, horrible FX was the dried cherry on top....geez. Ground surface blasts creating a mile deep canyon?! Mountain tops leveled by explosions! I need to stop. Mentioning all that's wrong would take days.

Christophe C (de) wrote: Ils sont fous ces belges!

Caitlin L (us) wrote: Love this movie. Reese is really good in this role.

Agns P (nl) wrote: monica bellucci + vincent cassel l'ecran = toujours <3 <3 <3

Jason A (kr) wrote: Pretty cool to see things that you take for granted in a very new perspective

Codie E (jp) wrote: A grass roots look at the Spanish Civil War from the perspective of the 'freedom fighters'. The film exceeds by mostly sidestepping criticism of the fascist regime but instead looking at the in house politics of the left. The film is anchored by the excellent performance of Ian Hart and features some brilliant technicals from Loach's regular team. Loach went on to do similar work in Ireland with The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

Cory T (au) wrote: Truly psychedelic and bizarrely compelling, Frank Henenlotter's talent is transforming high-concept, speculative horror into social commentary much like Romero. This is his anti-drug cautionary tale but it is never heavy-handed. The scenes of Brian's sensory overload are so vivid that we understand why he will accept Aylmer's parasitic requests. The theme sounds like 'The X-Files' cribbed it. For such a howlingly funny B-movie, there is a melancholy overcast over it such as the withdrawal contest between Brian and Aylmer in which Brian becomes more haggard by the hour while Aylmer taunts him that "he will do all the thinking" for him from now on. 'Brain Damage' is a hidden horror gem.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Cult punk rock movie from 1981. Guess I was only 29 years behind in watching this.

Ahmed B (jp) wrote: I am sure that this was made with incredible noble intentions...Ashley Hinshaw is great even.

Tino R (jp) wrote: A very funny movie with some very interesting and true points on African Americans being portrayed in films.

Joe T (de) wrote: Really slow start but last two thirds are gripping and very scary.Be patient and you'll be rewarded.

Romeo B (jp) wrote: keep us interested, good cast , i have seen much worse