Shadow of the Vampire

Shadow of the Vampire

Director F.W. Murnau (John Malkovich) makes a Faustian pact with a vampire (Willem Dafoe) to get him to star in his 1922 film "Nosferatu."

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English,German,Luxembourgish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   impersonation,   actor,  

The filming of Nosferatu is hampered by the fact that the star is taking his role far more seriously than what seems humanly possible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shadow of the Vampire torrent reviews

Trevor S (fr) wrote: One of my favorite comedies of all time because of some of the most timeless, classic, and funny scenes that have me bursting with laughter every time I watch it. Classic characters as well.

Carrie B (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this early film featuring Sandra Oh as a young Chinese woman struggling to break into the acting world while also caught in a clash of family & culture. She's a much better actress than we get to see on Grey's.

Noel V (au) wrote: Shanghai Express was perfection, of course, but for some reason this film haunts me to this day. I don't know why--a series of indelible moments. Dietrich in tuxedo drag, kissing a girl; Cooper writing a farewell note on a mirror and Dietric masochistically contemplating his message. And that finale, with Dietrich responding to the call of the drums, losing herself in the desert, anticipating the way Debra Winger would, decades later, in The Sheltering Sky...

Luc P (ca) wrote: A better Roger Moore film than everything previous (vestiges The Spy Who Loved Me), but still lacks intrigue that The Spy Who Loved Me had.

Jack Y (ru) wrote: Heard so much about it over the years, and was gravely disappointed. It might have been great in 1964, but it was slow-paced and not that clever in 2012. Without Ustinov, this would be unbearable.