Five friends on a camping trip must survive the night while confronting each others' sinister pasts after one of them is found stabbed to death.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A group of friends must survive a night in the wilderness after one of them is found stabbed to death. The dilemma is whether the killer is out in the woods| or is
one of their own. The answer depends on unraveling the six month old mystery of their friend Sophia| who died suspiciously and whose killer was never found. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shadowed torrent reviews

Simeon M (mx) wrote: A typical indie film in terms of pacing and pop-culture psychology/relativism that thinks its way more hip and innovative than it actually is. But its not a bad movie. Its got a unique premise, decent storyline, and interesting approach. I'm not into the whole "super skeptic, high school dropout, punk/goth, hang around and smoke pot" culture, so that element felt pretty bland to me. Overall it fits in the genre of "seen one, seen em' all."

Scarlett M (au) wrote: my love for jason lee could not keep me watching this :(

Sanford R (ag) wrote: An average comedy. Somewhat entertaining, but a forgettable movie.

Kirk J (kr) wrote: Another in a long string of late masterpieces by Godard. Somehow, this one seems to be the least liked of his late works even among those who champion this period, and I really can't understand why. It's beautiful from beginning to end, brims with as many daunting ideas as any of his more recent features, and is even surprisingly funny at times (as in one late scene in which a mob of moviegoers runs fleeing from a small theatre after finding out the film they've come to watch has no breasts in it).The story as such concerns a director who attempts to travel to Sarajevo in the midst of the Bosnian war to stage a play, and although Godard's style can make it a bit difficult to follow in spots, for the most part For Ever Mozart is significantly more linear than most of his comparable films. The subject matter represents one of Godard's oldest and most pressing issues: examining cinema's role in addressing the horrors of the past and documenting the horrors of the present for the virtue of the future. He asserts that cinema throughout its history has been uniquely poised to capture and expose humanity's crises, and his lamentation (if not outright disgust) at its continual failure to do so is palpable throughout the film. He's clearly especially troubled by cinema's tendency to turn horror into spectacle, exemplified in the second half of the film in which the director "remakes" scenes from the first half of the film, only this time with prettier actors wearing expensive clothes (and there's another really funny moment in this sequence where Godard brilliantly reinvents one of the best film-within-a-film gags from Masculin Feminin).NOTE: The current US DVD is incorrectly formatted at around 1.66:1, as opposed to Godard's 1.33:1 aspect ratio. As a result, heads are chopped off throughout the film.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Great movie very Scary opening

Abdulmalik A (us) wrote: Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and certainly unnerving.

ivy j (nl) wrote: i hope the movie is great

Carol H (jp) wrote: A so-so chick flick. I'm guessing the original play is much better.

Eytan D (ru) wrote: Leave it to the Coen Brothers to show the world how to make a modern cinematic noir. "Blood Simple" is funny, eerie, and violent, with a simple Hitchcockian premise, and memorable performances from all, especially M. Emmet Walsh and Frances McDormand in her screen debut.

Stacey D (kr) wrote: Who dunnit? Who cares...

Clay B (gb) wrote: BACK TO BATAAN (1945)

lucy w (es) wrote: How I hate Jimmy Fallon right now.

Jennifer M (es) wrote: Tremendous. Powerful. I hesitated to see it because of the drama involving the main character's son, but that part of the plot was not overwhelming. This is a movie that every man and woman should see.