Shadows & Lies

Shadows & Lies

The story of William Vincent as he recounts the eccentric and curious path that has brought him, at mortal risk, to New York City, after four years in exile, to rescue a woman he scarcely knows, Ann, from the vague crime syndicate that first brought them together.

A man returns to New York after years in exile to save the girl he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent C (ca) wrote: Excellent Movie, albeit a dark premise. The movie has touching moments and moves at a good pace. Nathan Phillips(James) is great as the young man doing one last good deed

Peter Y (ag) wrote: It sure wasnt made in manchester

Brandon J (ru) wrote: Despite it not being a very entertaining movie, I injoyed the idea of a snowglobe world.

malevolent1991 m (kr) wrote: It takes a while for this music documentary to get on its feet; but once it does, About a Son proves both compelling and genuine. The cinematography can be easily misjudged as simplistic and repetitive, but to the trained eye serves as a visual parallel to the "not special" story of Kurt Cobain. As for Cobain's words, they are authentic and at times even haunting. There is no better way to understand a person's true soul than through their words.

Kareitha H (es) wrote: it seems like it is going to be a good movie!!

Ian C (nl) wrote: The great man has to deal with some Nostradamus type shit. The first half is decent and enjoyable but the latter part is really poor and ruins what was a very promising premise. The CGI is extremely dodgy Aswell.

neel p (gb) wrote: more impressed than i thought i was going to be by the end of this. it was full of one liners and fit the b-movie horror down to a T. matthew hastings. hmm have to keep my eye out for him. what more could you want from a movie than lots of hot ladies, a good dose of murder and a ...( read more)lil humour? good fun. didn't look at the time once, which is usually the best thing to go by for how engaging a flick is. kept my eyes glued to the screen and still hungry when it ended. feed my eyes with your tenticles ice queen! hmm, sounds like a glam rock lyric

Stuart K (jp) wrote: One of the most notorious flops of the 1980's, and one that nearly brought down the British Film Industry. it helped bring down Goldcrest Films, along with Revolution (1985) and The Mission (1986). But, the simple fact is that the film is flawed, but it's not the big disaster that everyone makes it out to be. It's like a serious version of Hairspray and/or Cry-Baby, and it's visually amazing too. Set in 1958 in London, and it follows the transition from the 1950's rock era to the pop movement of the Swinging 60's. It's seen through the eyes of naive photographer Colin (Eddie O'Connell), and he's in love with fashion designer Crepe Suzette (Patsy Kensit), but she's romantically linked with Henley of Mayfair (James Fox). Colin decides to have a shot at the bigtime, and gets in with advertising mogul Vendice Partners (David Bowie). Meanwhile, racial tensions are growing in and around London. Director Julien Temple made a brave choice by turning Colin MacInnes' book into a rock musical. But, it's a visual triumph, and it's that which holds up the films shortcomings, the musical sequences are like what Temple did with his music videos, while the opening is a wink to Touch of Evil and One from the Heart. The supporting cast, including Lionel Blair, Ray Brooks, Steven Berkoff, Edward Tudor-Pole, Robbie Coltrane and Irene Handl help keep it up.

Lisa D (us) wrote: Excellent cinematography. Pity the movie is a pile of self indulgent drivel from Mr Argento. Review written for publishing as usual on Saturday as I'll be away :)