New York police detective John Shaft arrests Walter Wade Jr. for a racially motivated slaying. But the only eyewitness disappears, and Wade jumps bail for Switzerland. Two years later Wade returns to face trial, confident his money and influence will get him acquitted -- especially since he's paid a drug kingpin to kill the witness.

John Shaft is a detective of New York apartment. He receives a task to investigate the case of Trey Howard who was killed. The clearest suspect is Walter Wade Jr - the real estate baron’s son. Shaft quickly approach one witness - Diane Palmiere. But she suddenly disappears and can’t attend the court. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon R (fr) wrote: Amusant, simple, efficace, j'ai aim :)

Ricardo H (gb) wrote: GOOD EFFORT BY both the acting and directing roles. Nothing extraordinary, but the main character was well portrayed. The other roles were just played in a mediocre way at best

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Based upon the video game series by John Carmack, Tom Hall and John Romero and published by id Software. This action-sci-fi film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. (Romeo Must Die (2000), Exit Wounds (2001) and Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)) feels derivative and like a carbon copy of the Resident Evil films that were being made at the time. Plus, it falls into all the pitfalls of video game to screen adaptations, something always gets lost in translation when video games are made into films. Set on Mars in the year 2046, an unseen monster has attacked the Olduvai Research Facility. Back on Earth, a team of Marines, led by John "Reaper" Grimm (Karl Urban), are sent to Mars by Sergeant Asher Mahonin (The Rock), although Mahonin doesn't want Grimm to go as his sister Dr. Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike) is on the facility on Mars. They travel by teleporter, They learn from Samantha that the monster left behind remains known as Imps, which have superhuman abilities. However, they discover one of the infected victims, who is named as Hell Knight (Brian Steele), is using his powers to get to the teleportation device to get to Earth, and he has to be stopped at all costs. But Hell Knight is able to get to Earth, so Grimm and his team have their work cut out to stop it. This could have been a good bit of sci-fi cheese, but it's far too straight faced, and the CGI is more than a little dodgy, there's too many CGI flames when real ones would have worked too. This is another black mark against video game films, and trying to give them plots for a film doesn't seem to work at all. Maybe they are a medium that's unfilmable.

Emily S (jp) wrote: it is so awesome lol

Kara H (kr) wrote: The timeline of acceptance in the gay community. Wow we have really come along way. Documentary pieced very well.

Joseph H (it) wrote: It was pretty good.Awesome movie.

Janae W (br) wrote: still can't understand why nobody seems to love it. .."I think i'm falling in love with a cop"...

Kenneth N (jp) wrote: This is one of the greatest terrible films I've ever seen. The Nazi's have genetically engineered an elf that must sleep with a virgin on Christmas Eve to spawn the master race...said virgin is actually the result of a Nazi having a child with his own daughter haha. And as if that all weren't enough we get Grizzly Adams playing the mall Santa and trying to save the day! It's a fucking ninja troll hahahahaha

Alex r (gb) wrote: Just Before Dawn can be seen as an obscured gem in the Slasher genre. Released in the early 1980's, Just Before Dawn barely made a ripple in the thriving Slasher genre of the early 80's. I think this is a great shame because upon watching this film, you realize that Just Before Dawn is not like your typical Slasher film that relies solely on the blood and guts routine. Yes, there's some bloody killings, but it's pretty minimal stuff. What makes this Slasher film better than most is the fact that the director uses creepy atmosphere with a slow buildup to create the tension, and that is the key to why the film works so well. Just Before Dawn limits the violence the violence factors and uses more convincing tactics i order to build the horror in the viewer, that's where the eerie atmosphere, suspense and dark and creepy film score come into play. These are some of the elements that made Halloween such an effective horror film, and director Jeff Lieberman has crafted something that is quite frankly better than many of the big slasher films that came out during this period. Just Before Dawn, along with Halloween proves that you don't need massive amounts of blood and gore to create an effective, and terrifying Slasher film. With the right elements you can create something spooky that will deliver the thrills that horror fans crave dearly. A well crafted atmospheric slasher film that delivers good acting, great scares with good bloody kills, and doesn't try to go overboard either. A must see for Slasher film fans.

Alex S (es) wrote: Likely Bergman's most surreal effort, Hour of the Wolf is an engaging, unpredictable Gothic tale that's boosted by the typically devoted performances from Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann and the mastery of the director.

Alistair G (gb) wrote: One of the critical campains of WW II