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Shair torrent reviews

Amrita S (us) wrote: Absolutely fantastic film, highly recommend it to anyone who was ever a member of a debate team or is in law school. I found it engaging, provoking (both emotionally and intellectually), and definitely eye-opening. Definitely a must-see. A

Seth Y (br) wrote: To me, Richard Linklater is a dialogue guru and a master of minimalist storytelling. Tape is a perfect showcase of these two things. Taking place entirely in a sleazy motel room, this simple film is about three characters dealing with an event that happened years earlier during their high school days. Considering how little is actually going on here, it's amazing how entertaining this film is. Yet again, Ethan Hawke is absolutely brilliant in a Linklater collaboration. That team-up has become one of my favorite duos - it's always pure quality. I couldn't help but to be sucked in by the fantastic dialogue that this entire film relies on. It's so realistic and not everyone could pull it off. This is where Linklater really shines. I could have listened to these characters go back and forth for another hour and not be bored with it. For what it is, this is a very impressive film.

Luis B (it) wrote: Another great great movie from Jacques Audiard (his other two movies I saw "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and "A Prophet" are also excellent). Emmanuelle Devos has a great performance as an impaired repressed but manipulative woman that finds herself attracted by an ex-prisoner that tries to rebuild his life only to find that the past and his genetics cannot be erased (also a great performance by Vincent Cassel, no one plays a better thug than him). Great storytelling, amazing direction (the close-ups and the moments when she is not hearing are amazing). Truly great movie.

Muhammad K (ru) wrote: Beautiful picture, enough said.

Henrik S (gb) wrote: I am sorry Bob, but this is just a trainwreck. A script that is practically non-existent, no humour or jokes apart from your usual super-sexual innuendos and a co-lead that does not speak English but is not subtitled ? Seriously ? Could not finish this one. Boy, what a turkey.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Mohammed B (it) wrote: when a dog in a movie can bring tears in the eyes, that's something special!