Shake Rattle Roll 13

Shake Rattle Roll 13

Tamawo An old man Lando (Ronnie Lazaro) has buried something under his house. When he is finished...

Tamawo An old man Lando (Ronnie Lazaro) has buried something under his house. When he is finished... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabrijel T (mx) wrote: Same thing as the game.

Carlos D (nl) wrote: not a great film,i just can't understand why this has a rating of 100% ....the last 30 secs are cool though...other than that...forgettable.

Anthony A (au) wrote: It was interesting to see that there was two versions of this that did have semi significant differences but all in all it was an alright movie!

Donald H (us) wrote: Game really shitted on the Belly legacy with this one here.

Jenny N (fr) wrote: two is a really a sad story.

Douglas F (us) wrote: Availble at the Victoria library. GVPL. Great documentary.

Chrismarr A (fr) wrote: James Duval is kinda hot. The movie wasn't bad either.

Casey M (kr) wrote: Ridiculous and only faintly entertaining. Forgettable at best.

Doctor S (au) wrote: From ShellyLuca: "Catholic Spanish dark humor....( or Traumatized Catholic humor )"

James H (ca) wrote: One of several "Zulu" films, not as good as the 1964 film however. Good production, great cast and it is quite well acted. The location filming is a huge plus. Professionally done.

Ian P (au) wrote: Very characterful portrayal not quite showing the horrors of Japanese incarceration. It's a really good exploration into Human nature and the psyche of man. George Segal and James Fox work so well together and the Tom Courtney character shows why Britain has now declined to the point of being almost 3rd World. We are now one of the poor men of Europe, sad but true.

Paul W (it) wrote: Ah, Sweden! Where it's always light or it's always dark. (Light, in this instance)

Aj V (fr) wrote: This movie has such a heartbreaking, sad story, it makes you want to cry. It also has some good suspenseful scenes, like when they're searching for each other. It's a good movie, and I really felt for the couple, it's crazy what happened to their village.

Alex F (mx) wrote: Incredible biopic about the boxing legend Jake LaMotta, Scorsese show the rise and fall of the champ in an amazing way, the boxing scenes are incredible and the performances by De Niro and Pesci unbelievable, definitively one of Scorsese's best films ever.

Micheal S (ag) wrote: For what was supposed to be a horror/comedy (I assume) it was lacking in both horror and comedy. Stupidity does not equate to humor. I love the horror and horror/comedy genres and this was bordering on disrespect to both with how lazy and cliche' it was.