The story of a family troupe of English actors in India. They travel around the towns and villages giving performances of Shakespearean plays. Through their travels we see the changing face...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English,Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on true story,  

The story of a family troupe of English actors in India. They travel around the towns and villages giving performances of Shakespearean plays. Through their travels we see the changing face... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shakespeare-Wallah torrent reviews

Tom L (gb) wrote: There is a point to this film but I'm not sure if I can stand to see Woody Allen this horny again.

Praveen N (mx) wrote: Mangaatha - What a great entertainer!! From the first scene of Thala's intro to the last scene of the climax, it is a non-stop roller coaster ride with Venkat Prabu. There may be many loopholes in the screenplay, with all the loose ends seemingly tied together nicely to fit the twist but you will not realize any of it until you are back in the car on your way home. Kudos to VP and team. The sentence "This is my fucking game!!" could not carry a different meaning. It is indeed Thala's and only Thala's game. Ajith + Mass + Simple/Action-Packed Story = A different game - Mankatha da!!

Tom D (nl) wrote: great furturistic action movie next to another great action movie dead end drive-in.

cray asian d (fr) wrote: i dont give a crap if your busy!!! watch this documentary, this movie will take you to a new level of water appriciation.

Nio R (nl) wrote: where can i watch this for free?

Rafael B (es) wrote: one of My Favorite Childhood Movies

Grant G (br) wrote: Glad I saw it. Thought, as a whole, it could have been better, however some of the parts were splendid. The second half seemed stronger than the first. Enjoyed the supporting characters. I recommend, if already a fan of Japanese cinema.

Claire D (br) wrote: One of my favorites. It was very well done and made you laugh but also cry. The acting was amazing and the story line was one of the best of seen and based on a true story is always good :D

MEC r (de) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Perry C (nl) wrote: Plain boring. Difficult to finish.

Paul J (us) wrote: The opening credits - the literal soundtrack - we're looking outside the frame and hearing the composer speak. This perfectly sums up the movie. "The world beyond the frame." The title of the film tells us it's all about the magic of making movies. The tricks filmmakers use to create the illusion of movies. Interestingly, many of the characters play themselves. Actors playing actors, crew members playing their roles, assistant directors, etc, and of course Truffaut himself. It's worth noting that for a cast and crew, the enjoyment of the finished film has little do with its quality and more to do with reminding them of the journey they took with their colleagues. Day for Night is all about memory and the nostalgia that a film crew has once the movie is finished. Truffaut always worked with people that were close to him. Family on the set was a substitute for the family he never had. It's a family drama as well as being an accurate reflection of filmmaking. Not an industrial undertaking but rather a family affair. Also, despite all the character's flaws, they are at their best while working (the score celebrates this).Regarding the actresses, during the scene where Severin keeps opening the pantry/closet over and over again, her performance is so convincing. She makes us believe. Such a great and self-effacing portrayal! Also, when Truffaut steals lines from the actress in "real life" to use in the movie- re-writing dialogue the night before - it came from a real-life incident (Jeanne Moreau in Jules & Jim). Art imitating life. In the end, it's not just about cinema but it's about life. Truffaut often said movies enhance life. "Cinema is not more important than life but it gave me a life." All the little faults in the film both visual and sound are revealed. We are constantly seeing the flaws. Life is never perfect, yet it can be beautiful in its imperfection. We see the secrets of the magician, yet the tricks are still magical.

AJ G (us) wrote: I think this is a film no one can say no to when they watch it.

Jason (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...