A murderous baboon escapes from a laboratory and roams the research building, and begins to kill some teenagers who are also in the building playing a Dungeons-and-Dragons type game.

An experimental drug that is supposed to reduce aggression has the opposite effect on a baboon that is being experimented on by a group of medical students and their
professor. While they are playing a fantasy role-playing game in their research facility| the baboon escapes and begins hunting them down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shakma torrent reviews

Jon J (us) wrote: Awesome movie..acting, script, theme. PT Anderson's best film

Justin O (kr) wrote: How this got a sequel alone is a mystery, but a third?

Kevin H (mx) wrote: An interesting premise for a horror film turns out to be a fairly decent slasher. A javelin killer is stalking the athletes at an Olympic training facility and nobody knows who he/she could be. Some original death scenes and some extremely cheesy 80's music make this one that's worth a watch but don't go out of your way to find it.

Tyler P (us) wrote: C'est pas le meilleur celui-ci...

Carla S (ca) wrote: I love the color palette, all of those early-70s European browns , tans, and oranges. I love the mean regisseur (in the film, it's sort of a Day for Night kind of plot), who is the harsh German child of James Vanderbeek and Neil Patrick Harris (especially when he shouts in German, "What is this, a kindergarten!?") I really, really like the Leonard Coen and overall use of music--I coincidentally saw McCabe & Mrs. Miller for the first time a few weeks ago. While watching this, I made the connection with Leonard Coen and then realized (realized=saw on imdb) these two films were made the same year--kind of amazing to think of the m side-by-side, Altman and Fassbinder making those films at the same time. Oh yes, and one more love: the quick-zoom to an extreme close-up of faces for reaction shots. Just when I think it'll never pop back up, someone hears a name from across the room and POW.

Priyadarshini P (fr) wrote: One of my all time favs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim S (nl) wrote: Just watched "Anne of the Thousand Days" and it's another good Henry VIII movie. Richard Burton does a great job as Henry VIII. The sets and costumes in the movie are excellent. If you're a fan of this genre then it's a must see. This movie (obviously) covers the time period from when Henry VIII first sees Anne until she is beheaded and goes after Jane Seymour. Good flick.

Thomas B (de) wrote: Grade - A-DePalma and Pacino's 2nd Gangster film is excellent filmmaking, with brilliant performances and a thrilling finale to overcome its unfocused first act.

Joseph G (mx) wrote: I gotta say, for a silly animation this one is the best since Toy story 1 and 2.