Shall We Kiss?

Shall We Kiss?

When Gabriel and Emilie meet by chance, he offers her a ride, and they spend the evening talking, laughing and getting along famously. At the end of the night, Emilie declines Gabriel's offer of "a kiss without consequences". Emilie admonishes him that the kiss could have unexpected consequences, and tells him a story, unfolding in flashbacks, about the impossibility of indulging your desires without affecting someone else's life.

When Gabriel and Emilie meet by chance, he offers her a ride, and they spend the evening talking, laughing and getting along famously. At the end of the night, Emilie declines Gabriel's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul H (jp) wrote: Great script and film. Frank, funny and produced.

Russell L (gb) wrote: It is rare to see two good actors interact and overact so magnificently a full length movie. Very rarely in this movie did you not know you were watching actors acting. The plot is most likely the fault of the acting problems... It seems to have been written as a bunch of cute little contrived scenes that were then glued together by whatever means necessary. The meaning of life for this movie may indeed be "BallSack".

Stacey O (ru) wrote: What should be a powerful and moving film starts to feel like a poorly constructed mid day movie.

Garrett R (gb) wrote: WILDERNESS is a surprisingly thoughtful and relentlessly gory and intense British horror thriller. As directed by Michael J. Bassett (DEATHWATCH), WILDERNESS contains a deeper-than-usual horror tale along with scenes of somewhat to very graphic gore. Bassett's sophomore effort presents the story of a group of British juvenile delinquents who live together in a juvy facility. Two of the delinquents are intentionally imposing their manly dominance over the weaker group members. They are impose their dominance up to a time where one of the weaker members commits suicide. So, the adult supervisor and the group are ordered to go for a rehabilitative session on a remote island. There, there rehabilitation does not go according to routine. The things that commence there are as intense, painful, and life-threatening for the delinquents, beyond what they could have ever done to another person... From here, the story's path takes many twists and turns, which are more akin to a murder mystery than to a horror thriller. Motivations are hidden, surprises are constant, and there is never a moment's rest for the delinquents. Only a constant sense of life-threatening danger. The story and the effectively believable acting by the young adult ensemble catapult WILDNERNESS into being as much a brutal don't-go-into-the-wilderness cautionary tale as a gory slasher film. After the film's first half of story build-up, the early reveal of the antagonist heightens the film's level of intensity from 10 to 11. Along with the reveal comes a relentless barrage of attacks and kills, by weapon and by teeth. You can guess what kind of teeth they are by the visible poster in the top left corner. The attacks and kills are appropriately brutal and are usually quite bloody in their nature. Not to give anything away, but the environment of the wilderness is used to the antagonist's advantage. Michael J. Bassett keeps the action tight and his actors performing consistently and intently enough to show the viewer they're in for a wild wilderness horror-show ride. His fast-paced camera work and evenly paced editing in the film's catch-a-breath and more extreme scenes are first-rate. WILDERNESS is essential viewing for fans of British horror of the past few years. SEVERANCE, DOG SOLDIERS, and THE DESCENT are the first films that come to mind that can be placed in the same ball field as WILDERNESS. Get the wilderness!

Jonathan H (de) wrote: The fighting was alright, but the movie itself was kinda slow and hard to follow.

Mike B (es) wrote: Oddly entertaining comedy.

Jiri B (fr) wrote: Wonderful film chronicling Che Guevara's battles against the American backed Cuban dictator Batista.

Moya W (fr) wrote: What a beautiful family drama with a young Anna Paquin in a lead role. I didn't realise that it was based on a true story until the very end, but that just made the story even more spectacular than it already was.Fly Away Home was a wonderful movie about grief and love in the most remarkable way possible. It showed you a profound love between a daughter and her father and it made you realise how important that love really is. Terrific.

Phil H (es) wrote: There is something about this B-movie that I like, its hard to pinpoint as the film is so ridiculous and belongs in a cartoon realm, I guess its the quaint 'Twilight Zone' charm of the plot and the cheesy yet fun effects mixed with some great hammy acting.Pyun regular Thomerson gives his best 'Dirty Harry' performance here as 'Brick Bardo' (great name) complete with silly shades and a long trench coat. His strong gritty voice barking out silly dialog left right n centre to the wonderfully cliched baddies and gang members lead by a young over acting J.E. Haley.This film does seem to have a cult following (nowadays, upon release not so much) and its easy to see why as its highly enjoyable with its highly nonsensical premise. A classic lead character, terrific bad guys and brilliantly hokey effects. Pyun's best film along side 'Cyborg' most definitely, which I'm sure came as a shock to him.

Thomas P (br) wrote: Another Ok entry for Dalton's final Bond.The story takes a quick left from traditional Bond territory - here Bond is a Groomsman heading to a hidden oasis with the wedding party when trouble shows up, and the bride is killed and the groom left for dead, so 007 gets angry and takes his license to kill a bit beyond his usual limits.An odd storyline for a Bond flick made worse by a lesser film quality - their oasis appears ratty and sparse instead of the usual lush and exotic Bond settings we've come to expect.That lack of quality seems to pervade the movie. Altho Dalton steps up his Bond to display a more overt anger - which is miles above the almost phoned-in, half-hearted first attempt at Bond in Living Daylights - he really carries this film as well as possible considering the lack of visual pizzazz here.Sadly, I found both of Dalton's Bond stories to be rather routine and somewhat forgettable - save for the exciting Jeep-top opening sequence of Daylights.The overall attempt to make Bond a relatable 80s character thru Dalton backfired for me bc it made him seem more common instead of the fantasy character that Connery, Lazemby and Moore all handled with aplomb. Even Moore's over-the-top plots gave him reason to eyeroll along with us, so we could still relate to him.I felt bored by Dalton's smug, almost Ben Affleck quality.The cheap feel of the movie, and lackluster Bond story almost ruined it for me. This one doesn't hold up well either.2.5 out of 5

tamica M (it) wrote: you don't stop laughing at Richard Pryor

Trent C (kr) wrote: One of the best comedies ever made. Abbott and Costello are at the top of their game here in their first starring roles.

probowl 4 (de) wrote: Enjoyable movie about the stresses of an NFL Draft Day. Kevin Costner's performance is solid too with a delicate amount of heart and passion. Definitely recommended for NFL fans, those that are not will most likely not relate and/or understand it.