Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

Three friends discover their new flatmate dead but loaded with cash.

In the film, three self-involved Edinburgh roommates, played by Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston, and Ewan McGregor. When he dies of an overdose, he leaves a suitcase full of money. So the trio embark on a series of very bad decisions, with extraordinarily grim consequences for all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael N (us) wrote: Seeing this little weasel Shia LaBeouf wearing a uniform even make-believe turns my stomach. You casting directors need to starting using your brains a little bit more.

Pathmanathan D (kr) wrote: Very simple story, but was made in an entertaining manner.Rating - 3/5

Lee M (nl) wrote: Tale of two Angelenos succumbing to mutual passion under difficult circumstances is enjoyable if unsubtle in its first half, then takes a long time stumbling toward an inevitable conclusion in the second.

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: With such an all-star cast, I expected more. It was funny at moments. But nothing outstanding.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Le premier volet du diptyque Tropa de Elite est un thriller formidable, extrmement furieux envers l'tat du Brsil aujourd'hui et dont la charge envers tous les coupables dsigns est crite de main de matre. Jose Padilha se sort aussi bien des scnes de fusillade que des scnes d'exposition. Il est bien aid par des acteurs fabuleux, Wagner Moura et Andre Ramiro en tte, mais son apport au niveau du rythme (que la camra l'paule renforce) et de la mise en scne ne doit pas tre sous-estim. Tropa de Elite est un explication frappante et passionnante de la situation du Brsil aujourd'hui et pour cela, il en est indispensable.

Laura M (br) wrote: Maybe more like a 3.75. It was an engaging, emotional movie, however the courtroom scenes, while necessary, kind of caused the movie to lag in places. There was also one scene where I felt my suspension of disbelief exit stage right, but overall, it was entertaining and a good movie despite the flaws.

Daniel M (us) wrote: This film truly surprised me. I went in expecting a good film due to its reviews, but what I got was a uniquely rewarding experience that was everything from all-out raunchiness to good, clean fun. Worth the watch, most definitely.

p b (fr) wrote: Wonderful!!! Funny and sad - it's a must see.

Tiffany R (gb) wrote: This movie sucked even if it was about an affair which I usually like. Pass on this one.

kevin B (au) wrote: Rip jim kelly funny karate movie

Devyn R (fr) wrote: This was a sort of weird movie......

Matthew M (it) wrote: Reminded me a lot of "Les 400 Coups", an exploration of a flawed but sympathetic character stuck in a pretty tough time and place, where the plot is much less important than just peering in through windows on life. The last scene is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Patryk C (es) wrote: Gene Tierney's tour-de-force in a role of a psychopathic, pathological woman (Ellen Berent) on the verge of insanity makes Leave Her to Heaven the most noir-ish of all film noirs filmed in Technicolor. She is indeed the archetype of all the demented women which graced the screen in years to come. Cornel Wilde plays a successful novelist Richard Harland, who falls in love with Ellen during a train trip. Soon they get engaged, and only then is Richard able to grasp the madness that eats his wife from the inside. Her severely troubled state progresses, and when it does no relative is left unharmed. As the days go by, her enormous obsession leads to a bunch of horrible incidents and is the source of a grave misery for everyone who as much as talks to Harland.Leave Her to Heaven is a film about love and there's no doubt about it, but the love portrayed by Gene is so harrowing and unnerving that it makes one reconsider what the feeling really means. It's an emotional bloodbath, and a nightmarish realization of a man's most fatalistic visions. Once Richard gets himself into this deranged ordeal of a marriage he isn't able to escape his fate. His life is spiraling out of control as much as his willingness to live slowly decreases. The only person, who might help him is his wife's lovely younger sister Ruth, but she also becomes a victim of Ellen's sick scheme.Leave Her to Heaven might come as an absurd melodrama for some, but its substance delivers many cringe-worthy moments, presenting one of those 'too good to be true' stories. It's as beautiful in its cinematography as it is frightening in its realization.

Private U (ru) wrote: A good old movie, but a bit of a convoluted plot. It had some great twists and turns though and the screen chemistry between Taylor and Turner was TNT

david s (it) wrote: Bogged down in convention, with enough originality to keep some interest. But only use. "the Doctor is Sick" has been done so many times, and better, we could probably have done without this one