Shallow Hal

Shallow Hal

A shallow man falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her "inner beauty".

The story revolves around Hal who, taking his dying father's advice, dates only the embodiments of female physical perfection. But eventually, Hal falls in love with a 300 pound woman because of her "inner beauty". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shallow Hal torrent reviews

Patrick S (mx) wrote: It's Twister but inferior and staring Bruce Campbell!

Aidan H (mx) wrote: Rule number one: if you're going to make a film about rehab, at least make the consequences of withdrawal more dramatic than a few sniffles and a compulsion to use the phone all the time. Keaton's Turbo Method acting technique is horrible to watch and it beggars belief that this guy was once considered to be the best actor in Hollywood: his twitches and half-realised facial expressions are so annoying, I almost spat beer throughout, particularly during his clumsy shaving-with-ciggy scene. Half way through, its as though the writers thought: 'Hang on - this is boring. Let's inject a love triangle angle into it, before its too late'. Supporting cast is variable in its portrayal of cut-out-and-keep stereotypes and there's nothing here that couldn't have been done better in half the time and on TV, preferably in the afternoon while you're at work. If your looking to score, find another dealer - nothing to see here.

KarlJohan L (ru) wrote: Some thriller action, but not that great. Brosnan did better inn 007 than this. Brosnan haunting for dead people who came back to haunt him. I watch this movie 25 years ago but when I see it now it could just pass me unseen.

Deray A (jp) wrote: Aklar, 1958 Fransa yapm romantik dramatik filmdir. Yeni Dalga sinema akmnn etkili ve nc 1/4 isimlerinden Louis Malle'in ynettii film yazar Dominique Vivant'n 1777'de yaymlad Point de Lendemain adl erotik romanndan uyarlanmtr. Burjuva snfndan bunalml evli bir kadnn yasak ilikisini anlatan ve evrildii yla gre cinsellik dozu hayli y 1/4ksek saylan film birok 1/4lkede m 1/4stehcenlik sulamasyla yasaklanmtr. Oysa bu sahneler g 1/4n 1/4m 1/4z 1/4n filmleriyle kyaslandnda olduka masum gsteriminin yapld Venedik Film Festivali'nde Altn Aslan d 1/4l 1/4ne aday gsterilen filme ayn festivalde "j 1/4ri zel d 1/4l 1/4" verilmiti.

David L (fr) wrote: Umberto D. is a flawed, but still a good movie. I found its first half to be incredibly slow and even dull and some aspects are exaggerated, but the film becomes so much better later on with such a fantastic second half with the finale in particular being great - moving, memorable and one of the best endings I've seen recently. The film is problematic at first, but becomes very relatable and heartwarming in the end with some excellent score, great cinematography and a big heart at its core.

Ron B (ru) wrote: Fair to middling "oater" -- not exactly a western noir and pretty much plays out as expected.

Holden H (jp) wrote: A poor follow up to its 2 prequels, Alien 3 struggles to keep us from yawning. Not terrible, but not good either.

Jason S (fr) wrote: Raimi's triumphant return to horror was everything I could've hoped it would be. It's an absolute blast.

Ryan H (us) wrote: It fails to live up to the original, but Halloween II is still just as scary and intense. The kills are just as brutal, and Michael Myers is still terrifying. Donald Pleasence brings the same subtle strength to his performance, and the final showdown is expertly done.

Logan M (ru) wrote: A broad and thought provoking theme carries it from beginning to end, but the plot tends to drag.

August M (br) wrote: Terrifying and eerie, Safe could best be described as a 20th century nightmare. Julianne Moore gives a subdued tour-de-force and thankfully Todd Haynes makes every part brilliant. Moore's body seems to be at war with the urbanized world around her. Still, once she seeks help, she gets even worse. She slowly comes to realize all the artifices she has erected around her can't protect her. There are a lot of ways, metaphorically, you could see this movie. To me, it's a scathing indictment of man's continued disunion with nature;

Adam P (jp) wrote: A good fun romp from the early 90's. Stands the test of time and is a good popcorn movie. If reality tv was a hit back in the early 90's then it woulda been a game show ala The Condemned or Death Race.

Declan M (nl) wrote: A lot to praise here, with a strong performance from Lauren Cohan. In a few words, its how I would have liked Annabelle to have been, definitely worth a watch.