Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil

A London detective tracking a serial killer finds the killers "truth or die" methods take him to New York to solve the case.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A London detective tracking a serial killer finds the killers "truth or die" methods take him to New York to solve the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shame the Devil torrent reviews

Arthuro M (au) wrote: Starring Mickael Young. Any other questions ?

courtney b (mx) wrote: I love this movie so much. I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.

Ian S (ag) wrote: ongue-in-cheek parody of the sword-and-sandal epics 300, Thought i would like this film but not as much

Varg S (es) wrote: About human frailty. This movie should get you to think. Worth seeing.

Julia M (au) wrote: Sad movie to watch. As a close friend of mine father was lost on this tragic day and is featured in a very minor role in this movie. They often leave to the side Port Authority officer Dominick Pezzulo meanwhile he is a key part of this event. The scene where they portrayed his death should have been spoken with the family before being so quick to say he killed himself, which is not true. Horrible movie, don't recommend.

Sam M (de) wrote: Disappointing, but the original will always be around and that can only be good news.

Neha V (gb) wrote: A mix of page3 and fashion. Madhur bhandarkar needs a new theme.

Peter F (gb) wrote: With an exceptionally tight script, a warm and sexy sense of humor, and a great looking (in more ways than one) cast, The Slums of Beverly Hills hits all the high notes that a quirky indie comedy should strive for.

Kira M (nl) wrote: awesome hgvvbf

Brendan S (ru) wrote: This has been one of my favorite horror movies for about 10 years now ever since I found it randomly in one of the few remaining mom and pop video stores near me (which has since gone under). It's brilliant in the same way as Living Dead or Halloween; gritty, grimy, low budget and eerie.

John D (nl) wrote: Wild stuff. I recommend this to anyone with a taste for the bizarre.

neil L (ru) wrote: Silent Running is a pretty cheesy old movie but I loved its retro style. I especially liked the robots. The plot is fairly ridiculous but that's what I like about it.

Austin G (es) wrote: Arthur Christmas looks just fine, but Aardman has put out better things.

Lewis W (nl) wrote: James Wan's Revenge Thriller, Death Snetence Is Without A Doubt One Of The Best Films Ever Made It Has Kevin Bacon Giving The Best Performance Of His Career As A Dad Who Goes On A Personal Mission To Avenge His Sons' Death, But Then His Gang Gets Involved And It His Life Is Then Turned Upside When They Threaten To Kill His Wife And Youngest Son. It Has Fantastic Performances By Kevin Bacon Who Is Just Brilliant And Also John Goodman As Bones Darley The Father Of The Lead Member Of The Gang. The Main Villain Of The Film Is Played By Garrett Hedlund, Who Is From One Of My Personal Best Films, Four Brothers With Mark Wahlberg, He Gives A Promosing Performance But Nothing Compared To Kevin Bacon.Movie Performances:Kevin Bacon As Nick Hume (5)Garrett Hedlund As Billy Darley (4.5)Kelly Preston As Helen Hume (4)Alisha Tyler As Detective Wallis (3.5)John Goodman As Bones Darley (4)Edi Gathegi As Bodie (4)Matt O'Leary As Joe Darley (4)

Vincent N (us) wrote: A good family movie.