Story about a young man in the Indian underclass who develops a crush on a young woman in a higher class to the disapproval of her parents.

Vihang lives a poor lifestyle, works in a private firm, and is in love with wealthy Nilambari, the only daughter of Madan Barve. He meets her parents, who approve of him, but subsequently ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate J (br) wrote: What is this drivel? It's a piss poor version of Children Of The Corn, with less scary kids and not as much story. The audio is horrible, loud the quiet and you can hear where it's been pieced together in editing. The acting is pretty rubbish and overall the violence isn't enough to keep this one interesting. I haven't actually seen a horror film as bad in a while. Shocking movie, and not for the right reasons.

Jen G (kr) wrote: Sheds light on what should be obvious, but unfortunately is not.

Ville L (ca) wrote: Quite normal scifi b-movie. Not so bad but I'm not giving more than 2 stars.

Peter D (fr) wrote: i was way bored, like random hearts only pretty slow.

Jennifer T (it) wrote: Well I love swimming so of course I'm going to like it. Terrence howard did ok but the directing wasn't solid. Most of the characters were one-dimensional. Kimberly Elise now she is a good actress. Grade: C+

Matt R (gb) wrote: A rousing courtroom drama, with thought-provoking reflections on what it means to be free.

Byron B (mx) wrote: This is a little like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with themes of the passing of the ways of the old west. It is set in the early 1900s. Automobiles and motorcycles are taking over as preferred modes of transportation. Wayne reunites with O'Hara briefly, too briefly. She only appears in the opening scenes. John Wayne's real son Patrick plays one rebellious son. Robert Michum's real son Christopher plays the other motocycle riding son. John Wayne is especially macho and stuck in his generation's way of relating to the younger generation who want to try new things. Of course since Wayne is the star and a producer, his character wins the day by stubbornly sticking to what he knows, putting the young men in their place as spoiled kids with tantrums and toys, and beating the outlaws.

Sarah H (it) wrote: Gotta love the older ones that are about biggots. The only thing that I had problems with were the scenes that were supposed to be night and they seemed a little too bright, but I think that was because they were filmed on location and it really couldn't be helped. It was a great film and it was watch.

eryn s (es) wrote: i love any movie with dogs in it

Jocey D (nl) wrote: Intriguing but not engaging. Good acting but only created subtle characters for which I didn't care. I wanted to learn more about the era and the research but it didn't intrigue me enough to watch in its entirety. One hour wasted was enough.

Anthony C (es) wrote: I love it. NOTE: blondes cannot see you if you wear camo