Shankar Khan

Shankar Khan


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Shankar Khan torrent reviews

karl a (au) wrote: I turned this made for television movie on thinking it was about burnt turkeys, bad xmas gifts or annoying relatives showing up xmas day. I was surprised to find it was a movie about the apocalype, about to happen in smalltown USA. Its probably pointless and ironic to say this low budget film is a disaster but even so , I didnt turn it off. And thats saying something.

Michela L (fr) wrote: I don't like the story, it didn't "catch" me. Sometimes you laugh but the movie is annoying. And Julie is really unbeareable.

Cheryl L (ag) wrote: Some cringey moments throughout. Some characters were a little annoying. However great seeing a young Megan Fox & Lindsay Lohan acting together. Storyline was okay, quite predictable though.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: While I myself didn't laugh very often in Waiting the characters are surprisingly well developed and interesting with very distinctive personalities, the dialogue was also very well written and sharp, the cast were all picked extremely well as I felt a lot of the characters in this movie matched themselves in real life (Based off of interviews)Not an extremely funny film by any means but I loved watching it mainly because of its well written characters and dialogue.

Indira S (de) wrote: we need more this kind of movie, just for fun of it :D

Joel G (au) wrote: Not actually that bad, for what could be mistaken for a Sci-Fi Original.

Jason O (us) wrote: Liked this adventurous flick more than I thought I would.

Ilja S (ag) wrote: This Sequel got stuck up way too far it's own ass. It is less griddy, has less story, more dialogue, and some really bad costumes. Even the final fight didn't work, so there is not a lot to wait for.

James H (es) wrote: I would rate this one slightly higher than the Warren Oates 1973 version. This was a huge hit at the time. It's a "B" picture that defies it's budget, looks great. Very well acted, very very nice direction. Great story.

Brandon D (ca) wrote: Horrid special effects, even though it was 1962, this movie had terrible effects. You never see the entire monster, only what is on the poster to the left.

Adrian B (nl) wrote: Entertaining comedy in which a newspaper editor (Spencer Tracy) writes an offensive, highly inaccurate article about a woman (Myrna Loy) who stole her husband's fortune. She sues and it screws over himself and his fiance (Jean Harlow), to whom he delays the wedding of in order concentrate on preventing the suit. In order to do so though, he arranges for a man (William Powell) to falsely marry his fiance and then court the wealthy woman, to initiate a new scandal to counteract the original one. Surprisingly funny comment has many nice moments and it is interesting how the stars of "The Thin Man" franchise are found within this film, though they do play the same characters. Likable performances particularly from Powell and Loy.

Billie P (nl) wrote: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is a pretty bad film, but I don't rate it higher than the remake of Halloween. The reason is that it is worth keeping in mind watching the Halloween films as a series. The sixth film is the final, strange, and dissatisfying part of what you might the second trilogy in the Halloween series. The first trilogy involves Laurie Strode and this second trilogy involves Laurie's daughter Jamie and uncovering the mystery of Michael Myers.This film shows that Michael Myers is the way he is because he is a tool of evil, channeling an ancient Samhain curse. Blah blah blah. It would be fine if there was a good payoff her, but I doubt any fans of this second trilogy will be satisfied with the way this ends. Nor will anyone enjoy what they do with Jamie's storyline.

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Loved this Western...not your usual shoot to kill type..a good story with lots of human character on exhibition ! A great watch !

Dann M (ag) wrote: The Star Trek franchise goes horribly wrong in the Next Generation's third feature film, Star Trek: Insurrection. When the Enterprise uncovers a secret plot to forcibly relocate the inhabitants of a small planet, Picard and his crew attempt to lead an insurgency to prevent the relocation. The story is poorly told and is full of plot holes. And, the writing is very uneven; trying to awkwardly work in comedy that just doesn't fit the characters. Additionally, the special effects are especially poor and detract from the film. Lacking a clear vision, Star Trek: Insurrection is a messy and somewhat incoherent film that goes through the motions and is only mildly entertaining.

Tiago C (au) wrote: Bom documentrio sobre a vida de Marlon Brando feita baseado em um udio dele.