Malcolm Shanks is a sad and lonely man, deaf, mute and living with his cruel sister and her husband, who delight in making him miserable. His only pleasure, it seems, is in making and controlling puppets. Thanks to his skill, he is offered a job as a lab assistant to Dr. Walker, who is working on ways to re-animate dead bodies by inserting electrodes at key nerve points and manipulating the bodies as if they were on strings. When the professor suddenly dies one night, Shanks gets the idea to apply their experimental results to a human body, and then to start exacting some revenge.

A mute puppeteer uses a deceased scientist's invention to control dead bodies like puppets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (de) wrote: With a name like Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal I was totally expecting laugh out loud funny moments sprinkled with the odd bloody undertaking. What I got was nothing at all what I expected. Eddie is more a black comedy then the comedy I was expecting and even that would be pushing it. The comedy aspects are very light and dry and as such, often unnoticeable. The story itself is an interesting one and I did enjoy this joint Canadian Denmark production. I found the character development and even story development to be somewhat lacking. Essentially the film introduces everyone. Eddie kills. Lars paints. Rinse, repeat a couple times. End film. There was so much possibility that was just left unexplored. I'm ok with the low amount of gore considering the subject matter but it would have been nice to have ramped it up a few notches too LOLThe film's original idea and comment on the art community are what keeps this film interesting otherwise it would be skating on thin ice and likely would break through and drown.

Heather M (au) wrote: This is perhaps the strangest take on the story of Robin Hood that I have ever watched. What is up with that crazy rip between two worlds in Sherwood Forest and why hasn't it ever been mentioned before? The last 5 minutes between Marian and Robin Hood were cute but don't make up for the rest of the problems with the plot, the acting and the special effects. I highly recommend skipping this one.

Barry P (ru) wrote: Original idea, which is not common in this day and age in my opinion, which is relatively well executed. I find the Robin William's critical comments hard to work out. He plays the deliberately taciturn lead amazingly well.

Loyal D (br) wrote: The best of the trilogy in my opinion because the humor has a more wide range. It is a good film and is underrated compared to the other films. It may be a guilty pleasure, but regardless it is a solid family sports movie and trilogy!

Sebastian M (de) wrote: A great Stephen King movie!

bill s (kr) wrote: Beatty really shines as he brings Siegel's complex life to a stylistic climax.

Kristal C (de) wrote: Very possibly my favourite Roger Corman movie! It encompasses everything that was so very awesome about '80s horror movies. I especially love the weirdly incestuous relationship between Robin and Scott and the gang leader's never-out-of-place hair do. Funny, cheesy and perfect to heckle with your friends.

Cameron E (kr) wrote: Such a great B-movie. Where else can you find a film in which the sinister villain is constantly telling his henchmen things like "keep the sun out of your eyes and be yourselves!" and "Remember boys, life is an adventure!"

Paul D (it) wrote: Sigh...I'll never get the time I wasted watching this back! Ye all be warned! Not even Jodie Foster could save this! Take a pass.

Stephen T (mx) wrote: A quality Western with a star struck cast that winds up to become story of reconciliation between the North and the South. Lots of action. The story holds up well considering the movie is over 68 years old.

Jason S (kr) wrote: Damn good movie, good acting an great story with a sweet & cute ending.

Ian R (es) wrote: TRULY brilliant and inspiring.

Matthew D (jp) wrote: As an impartial look at the Israeli-Palestine conflict this is important and that it mostly manages to do so is impressive given the set-up of following the Israeli revenge squad. However, Spielberg once again jettisons history for story, but the message is obvious within minutes and the philosophical and discussion very artificial (and they are pretty unlikely to have taken place). Spielberg as always gets fine performances from his perfect casting, but he fails to create suspense and by the end of nearly three hours it loses its way, much like the main character, and any engagement gets lost.

Jennifer L (nl) wrote: Very stylish movie centred around the drug gangs of Rustov-on-Don, Russia - however, it could be set in just about any mid to large-sized city as its themes & plot lines are universal. Flashy, yet fairly realistic.