Shao Lin mu ren xiang

Shao Lin mu ren xiang

Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and avenge his death (not very ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   buddhism,   monk,  

Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and avenge his death (not very ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ming Siu G (jp) wrote: Rather meh. The trailer looked more exciting.

Mandy V (ca) wrote: Really great movie about online catfishing going horribly wrong.

Randy T (br) wrote: its good if people start to think about these kinds of things, but they should figure things out for themselves and not listen to pretentious people who take forever to say nothing.

Jem S (es) wrote: A movie with the right intentions, but not much more

Yash B (de) wrote: Silly but enjoyable movie that will appeal to its target audience.

Sini J (us) wrote: No s que dicer... Muy espaola :D

Jesse O (jp) wrote: I liked this movie, even if it is a bit unfocused and strangely paced. I do like that the film focuses on the characters own issues separately from their issue with Masa. While I like the fact that these girls' lives (or at least the lives as they are presented in the film) don't revolve completely around this boy they both like and who they manipulate by convincing him that he has amnesia and he has forgotten his relationship with both girls, when in fact he never had a relationship with either one. I liked this part of the film and it's interesting to see the characters' motivations for doing what they do. The movie is as much a coming-of-age story as much as it is a romance, but the problem is that the way the film is edited together. The movie jumps back and forth between both girls individual stuff and when they're with Masa and it doesn't really flow well. The way the film is put together, it felt like a collection of episodes from a web-show. I think very little attention was put into how the film would gel and you can tell. As mentioned the film is too long for its own good as well. I don't think there's any reason to justify the film being as long as it is. Yea the film is divided into two parts, the parts where you look at the girls and their individual lives and the part where they're fighting for Masa. There's simply not material when you put both together to justify its length. Edit this movie by about 20 minutes, and the film really is considerably better because it can be a funny flick, not hilarious, but funny. The movie is still pretty good but it's a film that can, and most likely will, test your patience with its length.

John B (br) wrote: Huffman's portrayal of transgendered person is remarkable. Unfortunately the acting triumph is wasted by a bit of wishy washy sentimentality.

Nickolas A (ag) wrote: This movie isn't even worth one star but it won't show up on my ratings chart if i don't give it at least half a star. I should have listened to the video store clerk when she asked me was i sure i wanted to rent this cause she saw it and said it was awful. "Dead Meat" ? i know that's right.

Shamik M (de) wrote: This is a straight sleeper. Well worth renting, not buying - but renting.

maddison r (mx) wrote: aawww he gets so upset wen he sees his mom kissing santa

Dann M (ca) wrote: The heartwarming romantic comedy Serendipity is a fun and enchanting tale. The story follows a couple that was separated after a fateful meeting one night in New York, but tries to reconnect years later by following their destinies. The film's cast is quite good, and includes John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, Bridget Moynahan, and Jeremy Piven, who all deliver strong performances. However, Cusack and Beckinsale don't have very good chemistry; which is partially the script's fault; as it does more telling than showing and keeps the couple apart for most of the film. But the comedy is charming, and there's a sincerity to the story that helps to overcome the film's weaknesses. Though it has some issues, Serendipity is a delightful and whimsical film with an uplifting love story.

Dan S (ag) wrote: A unique, well-directed and acted biopic concerning the troubled artist Jackson Pollock (Ed Harris), his relationship with his wife (Marcia Gay Harden), and how his internal demons cut a brilliant career short. While in some ways it is predictable, including a disturbing final act, the film contains a hypnotic quality about it thanks to an insanely possessed Harris, who is just splendid and you can tell he is very passionate about this particular person. The movie does have a tendency to drift into self-indulgence, especially in it's latter half, but Harris' portrayal remains tenacious and magnetic despite all the problems this movie possesses. We never get to go inside the head of Pollock too much, and this is definitely bothersome, but maybe that's how Harris wants it to be. The ending ends on quite a harsh, rushed note that feels forced, which detracts from one's overall impression of it. Nonetheless, one of the most underappreciated actors ever in Ed Harris is able to flex his creative prowess and go to work, and that alone earns the film a recommendation.

Gunter V (gb) wrote: Might be my favorite sports movie. Crudup! Sutherland! Sisto! Lillard! Running! Race scenes are well-directed, soundtrack is great, and there are some surprisingly touching scenes between Pre and Bowerman late in the film. Monica Potter does very well with what she's given, material-wise.

Connor G (mx) wrote: Incredibly funny and very well made.

Phenyeia O (us) wrote: Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor

Michael S (br) wrote: Mos Def as Chuck Berry...I'm There