Shap yee yeh

Shap yee yeh


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Shap yee yeh 2000 full movies, Shap yee yeh torrents movie

This movie goes through 12 significant nights (not consecutive nights) in a relationship between two characters. The movie offers some insight into the repetion involved in relationship cycles from interest through various tensions to eventual disinterest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Shap yee yeh torrent reviews

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Right up there with "The Man From Nowhere" in terms of both quality storytelling and blistering action. Some very cool, memorable characters engaged in an exciting and tragic story of redemption.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: Being the gamer I am, Noobz had all the potential to be hilarious, it didn't come close.

Gaurav S (nl) wrote: Had very high expectations.. awesome dialogues , good script.. and very bad music..It had potential of being a great movie.. Still a decent one timer..Mishra did too much with the plot :-/

Wrik S (de) wrote: extremely romantic but a bit too much of it at times.... was a good movie never the less, but could be a bit better crafted to become a masterpiece...

Andrew B (jp) wrote: Disclaimer: You do not have to be a fan of heavy metal to enjoy this movie. The story of the band Anvil is more than a music documentary about a band. It shows that when you have a dream and you have passion for something that you love no matter what the odds are against you, in your heart you never want that dream to die, you never want to give up. Heavy Metal started becoming hugely popular throughout the 1980's. So many bands formed, some made it huge and continue to be wildly popular today and some fell into obscurity. Bands like Metallica and Slayer are still selling out venues in 2015. I have to be totally honest, I am a huge metal fan and I had never heard of Anvil until this movie. It is just a really strange story surrounding this band. How they went from being really popular and selling a lot of albums and playing huge festivals around the world, to practically dropping off the face of the earth. The band didn't break up, there wasn't an issue with one of the members so it is really hard to explain what happened. But what this documentary delivers is a group of guys who want to give it one more shot and think they still have it. But in the end they really end up looking silly and rather ridiculous. If a band like Pantera where to somehow do a reunion tour they would be selling out arenas across the world without a doubt, but some bands just do not have that draw or staying power at all. In this documentary they are back on a reunion tour playing tiny bars and in these tiny bars there are maybe 8 people watching. Some venues the owners are not even going to pay them. It is actually really sad to watch a bunch of guys who cant let go of their dream. The entire film you are thinking, yeah man go for it, good for you ... but at the same time you are thinking, wow you guys really need to step back and realize its just over, and way over.

Larry Y (mx) wrote: The casting of Kane Hodder as Ed Gein shows how inaccurate this is.

Matthew P (br) wrote: I love this movie amazing character with awesome action and awesome lines. I've watched it a lot.

Jani M (ca) wrote: Very mediocre thriller with above average cast including Sean Bean, Danny Dryer and Bob Hoskins. Movie tells about ex-soldier who comes home to see that his wife has another man and everythings wrong with world today ... specially streetcrime and so on. He gathers people who have been mistreated in the past and form a group of vigilantes to fight back. Sounds like good actionmovie? Heck no! It's hideously boring and concentrates more on the whining of men than doing something. Ofcourse towards end everything fails and things turn from bad to worse. It's really hard to point what exactly made this bad movie but it surely wasn't very good.

Joey R (ca) wrote: From the trailers, this movie looked destined to fail. Robert deNiro as a gay pirate sounded like the dumbest idea ever, yet somehow the film managed to pull off a miracle. It was actually good. The plot was engaging and each actor/actress acted their role well with no one being miscast, even deNiro. I have to say Matthew Vaughn has really been in top form with his last 4 movies and I hope he continues the trend.

Sakae I (au) wrote: It is sure that the story is not impressive and some scenes are awkward, but the film itself is better than the flixster ratings.

Darren B (ca) wrote: 5 definite stars!! What a crazy awesome feel good well done underrated movie!!!! Strongly Recommended- even if you despise Sports movies or don't care for them - this is a must see!!!