Sharey Chuattar

Sharey Chuattar

Directed by Nirmal Dey.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sharey Chuattar torrent reviews

Mayumi B (jp) wrote: sexy, erotic, gorgeous. what this movie makes me impressed was to express those feeling without any actual bed scene but only soft touch lightning screen and up-close eyes or lips and of course emotional Beethoven's music. I am not sure whether my english making sense to you. but if you see this film you will get what I meant.

Benjamin W (ca) wrote: I didn't hate it, but there's nothing really special about this LDS comedy.

Daniel C (it) wrote: blew my mind. Well done and well acted. Amazing how a con-artist can still fool intelligent people in this day where so much technology can be used to validate the facts......

Andrew T (jp) wrote: Excellent movie of it's own. Private investigator working in sewer and finding flower. Elements of film noir, dry comedy and gonzo. Great acting by Stiller, Pullman and Dickens. Great shots and fine characters. A bit slow, perhaps, but never to the point of loosing interest. Track it down and watch it.

Connor G (es) wrote: It started off with incredible promise, but there wasn't nearly enough Kevin Spacey to sustain the middle third.

CJ H (mx) wrote: Jerry Maguire features fun performances from Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. While I think their relationship is more interesting than the shoehorned one between Cruise and Zellweger, it's still a fun affair.

Sylvester K (es) wrote: An American giallo about a controversial fashion photographer who became a sensation over her depiction of violence and death in her photoshoots. However, someone who was obsessive over her began killing her friends, relatives and ex lovers in the fashion of the deaths depicted on her photos. Laura unfortunately was able to see through the eyes of the killer, will she find out who her killer was?I could see the effort but it was no where nearly innovative enough to entertain me. I like the soundtrack though and it was possibly the only redeeming factor. It was interesting to see Tommy Lee Jones at such a young age. However, it the Laura's visions could have been better filmed, it might have stimulated my interest more. I think it requires more gore and graphic violence to be truly a giallo film, but it was a good attempt anyway.

Jaime D (ru) wrote: At the start of this film I was actually quite surprised by its tone... far removed from Bergmans usually morose and maudlin style it was light, comic and breezy... but very much a film of two halves the second part of the piece returns to the style more synonymous with the Swedish film maker. Which is a shame. Still as a whole a good film and a worthy watch

Kalin G (ru) wrote: I frankly liked the movie for its masterful mixture of political conspiracy, judicial and moral dilemmas, and the brilliant cast. Great people protect principles, not other people or themselves.