Sharks 3D

Sharks 3D

Jean-Michel Cousteau invites you to embark on a breathtaking underwater voyage to discover the ultimate predator: the shark. Experience an astonishing up-close encounter in 3D with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean.

Jean-Michel Cousteau invites you to embark on a breathtaking underwater voyage to discover the ultimate predator: the shark. Experience an astonishing up-close encounter in 3D with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mido Q (mx) wrote: the story was altered in a horrible way. not a bad time killer but definitely should be at the bottom of your batman to watch list

Havva Y (it) wrote: ''A?k; o gne kadar ?rendi?i ilk insan dili oldu.''

Adam S (ag) wrote: This is by far the second worse movie I have seen this year, only knocked off it's perch by Lord of the Elves (which incidentally had no elves in it) Poor sound and overdub, boring story line and a general Bollywood feel to it was just lost on me. Maybe it was a comedy that went wrong??

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Collette D (au) wrote: This film runs the gamut from incredibly depressing to intensely joyful. I love Brenda Blethyn's performance in this film--she's the perfect 'weirdo mom'.

Buggy B (jp) wrote: I've seen this a few times now and always really enjoy it. Cameron Diaz is amazing as the irresponsible party girl and Toni Collette is always good, here she plays the sensible driven sister. It lines up like your regular romantic comedy/drama but the story is much deeper and I love discovering why 'Maggie' drinks so much and behaves the way she does. After the sisters have their big falling out and Maggie goes to stay with her grandmother its gets even better with the inclusion of Shirley MacLain and all the characters at the retirement village. One of my favorite scenes would have to be Maggie struggling to read to the blind, aging professor (Norman Lloyd). Powerful and sad. This really is about family and I like how their past is slowly revealed and all members in this damaged family get a chance to heal. I'm also partial to 'Rose' running up those infamous steps in Philadelphia. 03.02.14

Akira J (gb) wrote: Just as good as the original series and way better than the Hawaii spin-off.

Mike Z (us) wrote: Best Movie of All Time!

Ben S (de) wrote: I learned something but wasn't that excited doing so..

Jason L (de) wrote: Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy have great potential as a comedy team, but it is never fully realized in Bowfinger. It is an entertaining and funny movie in general, but it could have been better.

Courtney M (au) wrote: A Good Kid And Family Night Movie

Hanna Bianca A (au) wrote: can anyone say where this movie is watched online?

david s (au) wrote: Pinter could have contributed - perhaps he did? A play on words exchanged between two unlikely characters, an interplay of apparently mismatched characters, one th eperfectfake, the other the fall-guy we could identify with. Gripping dialogue with twisting plot. Lovely cinema.

Allan C (kr) wrote: I remember thinking this film was just awesome when it first came out. It still holds up as a good piece of entertainment, but the 40something in me had a harder time overlooking huge plot holes and gaps in logic. Still, it's got some good action and to story of SFX creator, Bryan Brown being hired by the FBI to fake a mobsters death so he can go into the witness protection program, but is then double crossed and set up to be the fall guy. Brown is good in the lead and this was probably the first film I'd seen him in, but I definitely know this was the first film that make be think that Brian Dennehy is awesome, who plays a curmudgeonly and resourceful cop who doesn't buy the dirty FBI agents stories. Diane Venora is another actress who I've always liked and has a small part as Brown's girlfriend. You've also got Cliff De Young, Mason "Smuckers" Adams, Jerry "Be Our Guest" Orbach, Tom Noonan, Joe Grifasi and look fast for Angela Bassett as a TV reporter. Director Robert Mandel is someone who I think is an underrated action director. He's like a Phil Karlson or John Badham; not an auteur but someone who consistently directs quality entertainment. If you can suspend you disbelief long enough, this is still a pretty fun film.

Karsh D (au) wrote: Some great Kung Fu action which more than makes up for the usual poor script and acting - but then if Chan put more effort into the last two it just wouldn't be right!

Nicole P (es) wrote: Foxes was an after-school blockbuster movie made to spread awareness of the dangers of drugs, sex, alcohol and other issues of the late 70s. The four girls are represented each with a wonderful actress. Annie is the most troubled of them all, constantly getting drunk, high, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Her father is a mentally insane L.A. Policeman who beats her constantly. The girls usually stay at Jodie Foster's character's house, to hide from other troubles surrounding them. Soon, they get their own house for the four of them, throw a wild party, and things just go down hill from there. Annie's addiction continues and all the girls face similar problems (one even being jealous of other girls because she was a virgin). Jodie Foster and Scott Baio's characters then try to save Annie, after a group of thugs try to kill her and her friends. But Annie ends up getting lost after escaping the thugs. Near the end of the movie, Annie's character dies a tragic death after being picked up as a hitchhiker by a drunken couple who crash into the back of an 18-Wheeler. The graphic death of their best friend leaves the girls scarred. They all try to better themselves and, at the end Jodie's character prevails. I found the movie enjoyable, but nevertheless predictable. I couldn't stand Scott Baio as he had been in so many other movies of this genre at the time. But Jodie and the other girls had a distinct aura emitting from their characters that made them a lovable bunch. Like most movies filmed in 1979 that carried over to the 80s, the film was out-dated at the time of release. The turn of the decade had proven that technology and film-making would advance rapidly. The movie still carried a lasting effect after I watched it, though. Though this movie is a clich of other Just Say No esque movies of those days, it is still a treat to watch. And for some, this movie may even be moving. And the theme song is very catchy! (20th century foxes...)

bill s (ag) wrote: The laughs are scarce and interest wains quickly.

Senistro B (jp) wrote: Oh Captain, my Captain, Carpe diem!!!

Reno V (es) wrote: "HOTEL STORIES" 'Four Rooms' is a 1995 black comedy directed by Allison Anders (Sugar Town), Alexandre Rockwell (13 Moons), Robert Rodriguez (The Faculty) and Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), who each did a segment (or in this case a room). The film was inspired by adult short writings by Roald Dahl, as we follow the adventures of an inexperienced hotel bellhop during New Years Eve. I love the idea of 4 different directors taking on a story, but I must confess I wasn't so keen on seeing the result. I had great expectations, and I do feel unsatisfied as most of the stories are pointless. 'Misbehavers' was the best of the four. The cast of 'Four Rooms' include Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Funny Games), Antonio Banderas (Mask of Zorro, Assassins), Quentin Tarantino (From Dusk Till Dawn, Planet Terror), Bruce Willis (Die Hard saga, Pulp Fiction), Kathy Griffin (The Cable Guy, The Muppets)and Madonna (Body of Evidence, Evita). It's New Year's Eve and it's Ted's (Roth) first night as the bellhop of Hotel Mon Signor. Ted helps out several women (Madonna) who have rented the honeymoon suite. Unknowingly to him, the women are part of a coven who want to perform a ritual to bring back their goddess to life. When one of the witches has forgotten to bring her ingredient, Ted seems to be the perfect person to help out. Later, Ted finds himself in room 404, where a man has taken his wife hostage who he believes to have been unfaithful to him. Escaping this situation, our bellhop needs to bring a bottle of Champaign to room 309, where a crime lord (Banderas) insists that Ted keeps an eye on his two children while he and his wife go and celebrate New Year. And finally in the penthouse , Ted is asked to take part in a challenge between a Hollywood director (Tarantino) and one of his guests.

Wendy H (de) wrote: it should of been called Inglourious Beggars! the big fake wet dream of the lowest cult of homeless Criminals booted out of Russia and Asia Minor