She Came to the Valley

She Came to the Valley

Based on the book by Cleo Dawson, this film follows the struggle of a female settler as she becomes involved in a political conflict during the Spanish-American War.

Family movies to a border town near Rio Grande and opens up a store. Unfortunately, Pancho Villa and his man storm the town and rob the place. The wife is left to fend for herself, so she gets in touch with the man who works for Villa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunil C (jp) wrote: Just watched it. Good movie for NBK after a long hiatus. All credit should go to the director and technical team for the success of the movie. If you are a hard core action/ heroism oriented movie fan, go and watch it.. If you are into reality/ realism type movies avoid it..

Quinton H (de) wrote: The nihilistic view of Polish youth is rather depressing, as you keep hoping for the protagonist to rise above it all, he never does.

Chris H (nl) wrote: Phoebe Dollar gave a chilling performance as Goth. Her devilish tactics seduced two young adults into murder and sacrifice.

Jimmy C (es) wrote: Nice movie. Gr8 music. Tells you the fact about Talibaan Regime. Even Devils have some feelings..

Janet G (au) wrote: It was beauitful but in the end so sad !

Jason S (de) wrote: At family dinners, I bet Julia likes to taunt Eric about the great work he's doing in all those high-profile masterpieces.

Zach L (de) wrote: "nothing is as it appears' and this sis truew with this movie

Nicole P (it) wrote: i used to watch this all the time! i loved this movie.. i wounder what we did with it!????

Doug D (ru) wrote: Don't waste your time watching this stinker.

Deadly V (ru) wrote: Little Guys Also Dream

Vince D (gb) wrote: only because i read the books

KJ P (au) wrote: "European Vacation" is the sequel that you always fear will happen from any great film, and this is no exception. After winning a family trip to Europe on a family game show, the Griswold's set out on yet another family vacation where slapstick and bad humour ensues. Yes, I barely laughed during this film, and when I did it was out of pity. Chevy Chase and the rest of the cast give it their all, but most of the gags feel extremely forced to the point that you don't even really care about the characters most of the time. In the end, this is just another slapped together comedy sequel to make a quick buck at the box office. Lazy, poorly scripted, and falling into one cliche after another, "European Vacation" is the sequel I would recommend staying very far away from, even if you like the others. What a disappointing sequel!

Ariel F (de) wrote: not very creative and boring

Edwin C (ru) wrote: Frailty is a cult classic and one of the best horror films in the past 20 years.

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Un film in cui il rapporto tra uomo e intelligenza artificiale viene studiato con una precisione e con una profondit fuori dal comune che ha tutte le potenzialit per essere definito il migliore nel suo genere. Il film intrattiene grazie al suo tema moderno ed una sceneggiatura brillante, una delle migliori degli ultimi anni con personaggi che funzionano e dialoghi veramente profondi e realistici. Sono sicuro che sar ricordato come un classico e di sicuro come uno dei migliori film del decennio.